F16 destroyed 11.0+

Question. Yesterday did several dogfights with my new F-16C vs a Mirage 2000. How comes that he was able to outturn me?

Can you expand little bit?

I am surprised that a M2K is able to outturn my F16 which has a much better turn rate and given that the Mirage speed bleed is huge in turns.

I was flying clean, only the two sidewinder, as i am still stock.

M2000 has excellent turning radius, meaning it turns extremely well (much better than F-16 IRL) for a very short time when it has energy to spare.

The Mirage turns very well, but it doesn’t turn well for long.

Fighting a one-circle fighter in a two-circle fighter in a one-circle fight is where you are expected to lose. Especially with a stock plane taking penalties to weight, thrust, drag and total control surface deflection.

You have to make him turn for a long time to take advantage of the turning rate advantage.

Mirage is a delta design and king of the one circles so its normal to outturn your stock F-16C, once you spade it performance will become similiar under some conditions but F-16 was never meant to be one circle fighter.

Also most people think Mirage2K can only do one circle fight but that is not true, if remember correctly under 350 knots Mirage2k should sustain better then F-16 models.

well, we did kind of 5-6 turns until i ran out of power …

Looks like you are right, M2k handles the turns quite stable while my F16 runs out of power on longer turns

The key is to sustain optimum airspeed in this case.

Spaded F-16C will eat Mirage2K for breakfast when it comes to sustained fights.

I just got F4E and I dont even want to touch it. Getting killed by invisible missiles from 20km sucks

Only gets worse from there on out.

You can either learn how to fight it or stick to the lower BRs.

10.7 is still a lovely spot for jet ARB without the overwhelming presence of SARH missiles.

No, sorry, I dont think the game can handle all that currently.

I have a suggestion in for proper multi-stage afterburner

and β€œAntenna elevation” I think is possible but you have to turn off relative control in the settings for that option to work

yeah it does, sadly I experienced it now, f15a sucks ass but f16a sucks ass even more, idk what OP is on about, F16A can barely fight 11.3 mig23

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Sorry but that’s entirely a skill issue on your end.


not really. mig23ml is literally better than F16A


Uhhh cope mald cope seethe? F-16 is my preferred mig23 destroyer and denying that is literally cope.
Oh yea, and ur name checks out lol


you didnt even play the F16A you skipped it for the ADF which has sparrows that give it a chance against mig23…

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His ID checks out

Copium and literally skill issue


The F-15 may not pull the alpha you want but it has an insane pitch and when done in the vertical you can immediately drop down on someone. Also the last radar buff makes the F-15 have a faster lock on rate and its tracking is more solid over the Su27. its low alt performance is much better as well. Of course, it does not have R27ERs but it’s more accurate than the Su27. Try utilizing these strengths in your play.

You have a better thrust to weight and sustained turn rate in the F16. Perhaps you are cutting in pulling too hard against the Mig23 in afterburn. You will bleed a bunch of speed.

Rate fight and try not pulling too hard on the stick since there is no FBW to regulate your alpha and Gs currently for optimal performance. Also the Mig23 cannot follow you in the vertical go up instead of down. He will bleed out far before you do and then you can drop on him.

I am not saying you are doing anything wrong just trying to help you make your situation better.

Also, can you tell me what your fuel states are when playing these aircraft. What do you choose? Where is it usually at when you start making contact with the other team?