F16 destroyed 11.0+

I think the F16 is more powerful than any other aircraft. Without looking at f16c, f16a is much more powerful than MIG 29. When I fly an 11.3 or even 11.0 aircraft, how can I fight F16? 11.3 fight with F16 almost forever. 11.3 there are many premium vehicles. Now many people spend $70 just to buy a F4 to fight F16. This is stupid. Is gaijin really playing the game they made?


As long as people keep mindlessly buying $70 premium vehicles, Gaijin has no reason to care about balance.


Yes, this is a very unfortunate fact. I have found that most new players are eager to quickly obtain top-level vehicles like the F16. So in order to quickly obtain them, most people will buy premium vehicles. Even though Gaijin is indifferent to the situation of these premium vehicles.

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The thing is this is the same situation that players were in last update. The Mig-29 Simply took the role of the F16 that update. The game is in dire need of decompression but Gaijin just ignores that fact.


I don’t understand why gaijin doesn’t do this. Players have been asking for decompression for too long.


All you have to do is change the match making to 0.7 spread and it decompresses things.


Their excuse is that they don’t want to increase the time players wait for battles. Which to be honest isn’t really an excuse. I’d rather wait 5 minutes and get into an actual competitive game than 1 minute and get shit on by vehicles in a full uptier.


I can’t believe they’re doing this to consumers. This is stupid.

Yeah the rank 7 premium jets are basically free kills when they get up tiered. Gaijin either needs to reduce their rank from 11.3 to 11.0 or give them better missles.

The worst part about it is that at some BR’s you are basically guaranteed to get fully up tiered. (Cough cough 11.3 air premiums)


I think 0.7 can solve most of the problems, but it can not improve the top-level situation. At present, even if the difference is only 0.3, there is still a considerable performance gap


I don’t know about tanks, but gaijin’s control of almost all aircraft BR is very bad


95% up tiered, the mig 21 bis gets clapped with it’s poor missles lol

What we have in game:
F16A = 1978
F16C = 1984

What we have in game:
Mig 29 9.13 = 1991
Mig 29 9.19 (SMT) = 2004

F16 = Introduced 1974
Mig29 = Introduced 1984

And you think the F16 is the problem? Get out of here… This is a joke right? The Mig-29 shouldn’t have been introduced until the F15 or the F18. By the time the Mig-29 SMT started flying the F22 would enter service 6 months later.

Let that sink in. You have a fighter from the time period when the USA was using the F22 and you think the F16 is an issue?

Edit: To further add

R73 we have in game = 1994/5 upgrade.
Aim-9M we have in game = 1983 model.

If anything the Mig-29s are the problem.


Oh plus they raised the prices of some premiums… yeah im sure thatbwill get more sales lmao

F16C = 1984

At least keep it accurate;
F-16C Block 50 is late 1991 aircraft (first delivery). It didn’t receive HMD until 2006 - therefore it’s an 2006 upgrade of an 1991 model.

R73 we have in game = 1994/5 upgrade.

Uhh, what? Did East Germany travel into the future to get their hands on R-73 after they were already absorbed by the West? Am I missing some historical facts here? Currently R-73 is identical to the very first production model, the R-73 from “1994 - 1995” would be the R-73M, not the R-73 we currently have.


Yes, the MiG 29 is also quite powerful. But dividing the vehicles in the game by age is incorrect. It should be based on their performance in the game. The performance of F16 in current games is much stronger than that of Mig 29.

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No they are not identical to. The first R73s would have a 20degree seeker head. The Mid 1990s model is when they upgraded to the 70+ degree one we have in game.

If this was a balanced game, we would have Aim-9M-10 models and Aim-120s already. But here we are.


The first R73s would have a 20degree seeker head.


This is from 1997 (which is around the time of the upgraded R73s) Vympel reveals previously classified air-to-air missiles | News | Flight Global

"he K-74 seeker has a maximum off-bore-sight angle of 60¹, compared to 40¹ for the basic R-73. " Keep in mind this is not first generation r73. This is 1997. So the 70+degree head we see in game is after 1997.