F15A Balance idea

Many have been complaining about the F15A being unbalanced. I think these complaints are valid, but that the plane also doesn’t quite belong at 12.7 either. I think the F15A should lose the AIM 9M and stay at 12.3. Ideally, I think this should be accompanied by a decompression to 13.0 for top tier, but I think that the AIM 9M is the main factor that is making the F15A super hard to balance right now, and if it was removed the plane would be in a much better place. Translating this to the F15J, I think it should lose its AAM-3 in favor of the upcoming AIM9P-4. The Israeli Baz can use Python 3. I think this sole change would put the F15 in a much more balanced place. It could also be a good starting point to develop a cool 1980s US lineup with the F15A, F16A, A-10A , and the F14B, which all use similar weapons hardware. I think Russian planes could also use an overhaul that I will go over in a seperate post.

Do you think this is a good idea?

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9m is not a problem, its literally a 9L, its IRCCM works only against braindead people that think popping a flare is all they have to do.
9M doesnt have a thing like R73 where from a certain distance its undodgeable you just literally pop flares and turn and its guidance will make it miss.


In my experience, the R73 is able to be flared, you just have to know it’s coming. Once it is launched and within a mile of you, you’re basically dead. The way you can counter it outside of a mile of range is just to flare and turn, same as any other missile. When it’s being launched from within a mile, I find that positioning is key, keep the R-73’s WEZ jammed, and if you can’t do that, then I have found that pre-flaring works pretty well too.

As for the 9M, from the front I agree it’s like a 9L, but from side and especially rear aspect I find that it just really doesn’t bite on flares most of the time.

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9M rear aspect is the worst experience I had with any missile, it only really works side aspect but if the person you fire it at has more than a few braincells they will pop flares and change their direction so your suspended animation will continue on a path where they no longer are


Yeah, at some point you can’t expect a missile to be infallible. It can be pretty hard depending on the launch angle to deviate from the course enough for the 9M. Also, if you look through a broader lens, the Russian radars and radar missiles are much more susceptible to chaff than Sparrows in my experience. You win some you lose some.

yet russians have thousands times better radar missiles. R24R on MIG23ML is just absolute nightmare and R27ER is unbelievably op
AIM7M is closer to R24R than it is to R27ER
imo r77 shouldnt be added to the game as the upcoming aim120 is only a match for the r27er and russia again gets a better missile…


What is this man???

Yeah and that’s where I think the problem lies. R27ER/ET was an unnecessary addition that was horrible for the game. I think the R24 isn’t really all that bad as while it outspeeds the AIM7s it does not outrange them, and past a certain fairly short range it doesn’t out maneuver them either. Totally agree with you about the 27ER/ET though. I made another post you might want to check out addressing that.

I understand your concerns about the balance of the F-15A, however I would argue against removing the missile and altering the battle rating. The inclusion of different weapon systems is part of the complexity and challenge that makes the game interesting for players.

Removing the 9M from the F-15A is just outright dumb and ruins the jet’s overall realism and historical accuracy and also makes it incompetent at top tier where it is doing just fine not being the best nor the worst.

Also, the challenge presented by advanced weaponry is an integral part of the learning curve for players. Instead of modifying the aircraft’s capabilities, players could focus on improving their skills and tactics to counter the threats posed by the 9M and similar missiles. Removing the missile might simplify the gameplay but could also take away from the strategic depth and diversity that different weapon systems bring to the overall experience.

It’s essential to maintain a balance between historical accuracy, gameplay complexity, and the need for fair competition. While addressing balance issues is crucial, finding alternative solutions that enhance the overall experience without compromising the authenticity of the aircraft could be a more favorable approach.

So to conclude, this is just a major skill issue. I have never in my life complained about the R-27’s I have only learnt to counter them and called it a day so please broaden the way you look at this and do not try and nerf anything, rather make sure every aircraft has their weaponry so they can compete properly. For example the F-14B lacking 9M’s yet kicking too much ASS at top tier and people saying it’s not capable at toptier is hilarious and ignorant.

Also to add, not a lot of people seem to know how to use the AIM-7M but accompanied by great radars at top tier it is an extremely accurate and well off missile as it should be fired in pairs of two and not one by one but not a lot of people seem to know this… at all.

The F14B is a perfect example of the mold that the F15A should fit in to. 9L/7M vs R27R/R73 is the best way forward for this era of jets. Remove the ER and 9M from this battle rating, and you suddenly have a balanced ecosystem where both the US and USSR have strong and weak points. It would also actually make the historical period line up better as the discrepancy between an F-14 and F-16 without 9Ms and an F-15 with 9Ms is exactly the type of issue you pointed out but you speak so viamently against it. You’re also flat-out wrong as the variant of the 9M in game, the AIM-9M-8 was not introduced until Fiscal Year 1995.

Also, you accusing me of having a “skill issue” for making a balancing suggestion is a perfect example of the toxicity that makes discourse in this game’s community so hard. I implore you to not do that.

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My dear friend SGT, I am not implying you have a skill issue but vast majority of people do. The fact that you make this post can prove you do not, not that anyone cares but I had to say it because its true for most of the people that whine about the F-15A. And then also, about the variant of the 9M. That is Gaijins issue and they should be held accountable for that to make sure it’s correct but theres not much we can do about that but I am absolutely against removing the 9M as the F15 is perfectly fine as is.

So give USA a flare hungry IR missile and a mediocre Radar mssile, and give Soviets a IRCCM 40G thrust vectoring IR missile and a decent Radar missile? thats a balanced ecosystem?


Why? it’s only disadvantage is no HMD. Everything about it is still top class.

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The F-15A is superior to Su-27, it belongs at 12.7 with the rest.
F-15J should keep its AAM-3s as well.
Your idea to push F-15A to 13.0 is silly, 11.7s are fine against 4 12.7s.


debatable. the SU-27 has better missile loadout (just slight but still). but the SU-27 has slightly worse flightperformance.

he never said to move it to 13.0. i don’t know where you got that from.
it isn’t 11.7.
and i don’t know what you mena that 11.7’s are fine against four 12.7 ?
like, are you saying a single 11.7 jet can hold its own against four of 12.7 planes?

There are 16 players, 12 of which are 11.7 - 12.3, the others are 4 12.7s, of which are on both teams.
Welcome to War Thunder matchmaker.

that is not how that works…
like not at all…
like where did you even get that from?

My main gripe with the R24R is that it has impossibly good notch zones, better than even the R27R

Also because its J band, it doesn’t ping a lot of RWR systems… such tiny fins on a big misisle should not allow it to be so maneuverable without inducing lots of drag.

Su-27 has HMD and R-73s as a tier one mod. That’s enough to keep it .3 above the F-15 for now IMO

Putting the 15A to 13.0 is something I never suggested. I suggested putting the new top tier at 13.0 and leaving the 15A without 9Ms at 12.3.