F15 or SU27 or mirage 4000?

I’m planning on grinding one this weekend, which one should I go for?

Mirage 4000.
Best dorito.

SU-27 gives you the best in terms of BVR combat
F-15 gives you the best averaged performance between BVR and dogfighting playstyles
M4K allows for a more dedicated close range dogfighter with a wider assortment of effective IRCCM missiles.

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I have all 3 and I agree with my downstairs neighbor, he summed it up pretty well.

My favorites are the su27 and the mirage 4k.

Su27 to roll over everyone and mirage 4K to shine in 1vs1 and play more aggressive.

Of the three planes you mentioned, the one that requires the most skill (in my opinion) is the Mirage 4K, so I find it a bit more fun than the others.

However, the R73 and R27ER are a real blast…

All of these planes will suffer from the Gripen.

Neither,get Grippy,its the best plane added in the patch.

Effective? Magic-2 is not having an IRCCM on par the AIM-9M while being hold back from peak-reach the 50G it was able to do IRL.
(Also the reason why HMD on Mirage 2000-5F is not an advantageous perk)

R-73 is currently better by any means to the Magic-II, as the values of R-73 IRCCM have been copy-pastaed on the Magic-2

But in terms of short range missile number, it is the best aircraft to play.