F14B is too strong at 12.0

F14B is too strong at 12.0. If they hit an 11.0 plane, they won’t have the strength to fight back. It is recommended to raise it to 12.3. This will not only not affect the strength of F14B, but also greatly improve the environment at 11.0


We need decompression in general


F-14B is not too strong.
If you’re 11.0, your team has their own 12.0 that easily deals with F-14B.

My advice: Use air doctrine and you’ll never die to any radar missile currently in the game.
And if you get WVR, just do a pass.
F-14B’s top speed on the deck is mach 1.15.

Waiting for F-16 or MiG-29(and other 12.0s) teammate to kill an F-14B ≒ There are almost no ways for the 11.0s to kills the F-14B.

I would like to see current F-14s(especially F-14A) gets better missiles but, need decompression anyway.

There is nearly no way for a f4 phantom to kill a f14b andit takes time for your team to even locate and get a lock on the f14

In a 1v1 sure.
Air RB isn’t a 1v1, so you’ll never be in a 1v1 against an F-14B using an F-4E.
F-14’s engines are hotter as well, so a well placed maneuver and you end up fragging them.

I miss F-14As being 11.3 because of how easy it is to get on their tail in air RB and push a Magic 1 or 9J up the exhaust.

After shooting AIM54C, F14B will directly return to the airport, and both sides’ 12.0 planes will not be able to hit the opposite F14B. In this case, both sides’ F14B will not die, and only the remaining 11.0 will disgust both sides
If we go to 12.3, almost all 11.3 aircraft have omnidirectional RWR, at least not like the Italian F104S, which is almost dead waiting and has no impact on the environment of F14B

It’s ok that you’re just food for the F-14B at least he and your 12.0 teammates are having fun! You should get over it and die quickly so they can gain more RP and SL! After all, both teams have 12.0s right!

Try to get a lock on the f14 with a rear aspect aim9 if the f14 is heading towards you

Honestly, I would not be surprised if both F-14’s BRs go up since they are much better than the previous ones after the AIM-54A/C buffs.

Even if their BR goes up, it should not be that big of a problem if they give the F-14A an AIM-9Ls, and the F-14B an AIM-9Ms.

The only issue I have is that the RWR on the F-14A’s is awful.

If they’re heading toward me they’re going to die as I’m with a wolfpack.
I keep telling people to learn air doctrine so current radar missiles are never a threat to them.

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this is a decompression issue, not a wrong BR type of situation.