F104a/c and what br they should be

  • stay at 9.3
  • move to 9.7
  • move to 10.0
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lets make an actual poll on this, bc i swear to god its annoying to keep facing this things in a subsonic 8.3-8.7 plane

(this also includes other mach 2 capable jets such as the mig21 and lightinging F.6)


You’re gonna get a lot of people who cry about “what would happen to these jets if you uptiered them! Think of the poor F-104s!” like that isn’t the mentality that got us to this hellhole of a state air RB is in where the F-104 is 9.3 and the MiG-15bis ISH is about to be 8.0.


i rather have the f104s suffering rather than an entire BR bracket suffering


I agree, however it’s not even necessary for the F-104 to suffer. We just need that silly thing gaijin doesn’t want to do called decompression


To be honest, that BR is so compressed and so many 10.3 premiums exists that whether its 9.3 or 9.7 I dont think it would change anything. My experience jumping between the Hunter F6 [9.7] or the Hunter FGA9 [9.3] is that I only saw uptiers and most of those that I saw were 10.3s. But, it might relieve some of the issues on those at 8.3.

But yeah. Major decompression is desperately needed. 9.0-11.3 needs to be spread over around 4 BRs

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Probably worth also stating, the Lightning F6 would also need to go up. Though Id want that coupled with the Red Top overhaul that has been long overdue. With that (Full power Red Tops) Lightning F6 would be fine at 9.7 or even 10.0 (with some early decompression). But Id tenatively say its weaker than the F-104 in its current state. So would be concerned moving it up before that red top overhaul


yeah, moving those up its good too, i just put as an example the f104s as they are the most common (and the ones that people hate the most)

Well, so many issues with jets in this game.

The Starfighter is hard to balance in the actual state.

All we need is decompression. Gaijin really doesn’t help with frequent BR changes.
Every jet moving up or down just break a new BR bracket.
All the topdogs should be raised to (at least) BR 15.0 and you can decompress below.


Yeah, not many people play the Lightnings. Though… the lightning is notably different. Far more reliant upon Red tops which are rather weak currently, where as the F-104 has a very good gun with plenty of ammo. So I think whilst people get annoyed at dealing with any super-sonic in a sub-sonic. The F-104 is probably what is gunna kill them

I vote they stay… Unless you also plan to uptier all the fucking MiG-21s as well?

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how i said before i just put the f104s as there are the most played ones, but yes, all mach 2 capable aircraft should be moved up in br

Mach 2 at altitude. These aircraft are so extremely limited they are primarily played at sea level. They can’t compete with any radar guided aircraft at all.

I’ll vote 9.7 with the caveat that this should also be accompanied with some decompression that sees a lot of the high G long range missiles going up too. To be clear, it’s not just about the F-104, those missiles victimize most of the 9.7-10.3 aircraft that don’t have flares. More BRs are required to give all of these planes room to breathe.

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Frothing from the mouth at that idea, please do Gaijin. Especially after they gave R-60s to more of the premium ones. The MiG-21PFM used to be great at 9.7, now it’s mid at 9.3 because of compression. Put them all up so we can start fixing this mess.

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Imagine F-104A was problem in the ARB with same reasons since when it comes lmao

Having tried the F-104A in RB AFs some time ago, I can tell you it’s pretty awful.

In a top BR match, its only merit is speed…and that doesn’t amount to much when you have people lobbing missiles at you and dodging your gun runs.

When it is uptiered…it has nothing.

The F-104A is a lousy fit for RB AFs in general honestly…it’s perhaps better in RB GFs (markerless meta suits these sorts of vehicles better), but that’s about it.

You have insanly top speed at its BR and decent guns that is super easy to aim at its BR.
If you are a 9.3-8.3 matchmaker you will be facing AIM-9B/R-3S but, if you gets killed by early missiles, it is just massive skill issue. The Yak-38 R-60 is not a problem at all, and as long as you are flying fast and careful in your positioning, you can outrun the missiles even if they spammed missiles. The AIM-9D launched from the A-4N is a bit frightening, but it is still slow attacker and therefore not a big issue yet.

The only problem is the MiG-21SMT/MF which is faster and has better missiles than the F-104A. Also, the premiums that spammed by braindead teammates.
It is not a clutch plane like the MiG-17, MiG-15bis, but even on uptiers is not that huge issues as long as you are careful with your positioning.

TLDR: Skill issue. Learn to play with carefling your position against enemy.

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Eh, you can argue that but I’d disagree.

I will acknowledge that I rarely bother with 8.X/9.X jets (or RB AFs at all nowadays), but I did handle the F-104A reasonably and in a thoughtful manner when I had recent experience in the range (dozens of matches with the FJ-4) and still it was unimpressive.

The F-104A struck me as, at best, needy and unforgiving–this certainly did not appeal to me. (There’s little point to the F-104A when the F-104C is at the same BR too.) The F-104A did not have the capability to make up for the lousy teams, which usually meant 1v3 (or worse) odds.

Having faced 9.7s often with both vehicles, I definitely prefer the FJ-4 Fury to the F-104A…the extra maneuverability and missiles of the Fury are more useful than the F-104A’s speed (especially for the BR gap and MM disparity).

By 10.3…it was hardly worth spawning in at all.

I stand by my previous comments: the F-104A/C are probably better suited, regardless of BR, to the markerless meta of RB GFs. That setup lends itself well to the F-104s’ needs.

That’s explain why you can’t handle F-104A decently.
You will need to learn complently different play style than other F-86F, FJ-4B, and other US jets.
IMO, Hunter F.1 and J34 share a similar play style to the F-104A.

IIRC, F-104A has bit lighter airframe than F-104C so, F-104A is better unless you don’t use it as bomber :skull:

fr but that’s your braindead teammates fault.

Or need matchmakers where only early supersonic meet each other just like century series vs MiG-19/early MiG-21.

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