F-89B, Su-11 and Meteor F Mk.8 in 2023

1.) Which premium plane is overall worth buying in 2023 (for AB): F-89B, Su-11 or Meteor F Mk.8 Reaper? And which is the worst?
2.) Which one is worth buying assuming I will use it in this lineup (in AB): F-89B on 7.0;
Su-11 on 8.0; Meteor F Mk.8 on 8.3?


F-89B 6.7 BR with 6x20mm cannons and afterburner is working fine in realistic is pretty bad for me flying characteristics are crapy hard to aim and lock at high speed

SU-11 whatever you gonna play Arcade or Realistic will work

Meteor is fine too both game modes

if you gonna play only Arcade whatever you buy will work if you try realistic

3.F-89B This one needs a very good pilot to work a very hard machine for premium not recommended

Buying a fighter jet for arcade is economic nonsense UNLESS you are usually able to survive the match or are willing to use A LOT of backups.