F-5E Sim was 10.7 for 1 day?

The F-5E was 10.7 in simulator 2 days ago but now it is back to 11. WTF happened?


So it was a mistake and not a desired change ?

F-5E being 11.0 in simulator is the mistake.

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yeah, F5-E being at the same BR as a Mig-23 is a war-crime

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I remember the time that I popped ( destroyed ) an F-5E with my 23.
He was flying obliviously through Afghanistan one moment, and the next I had him locked in IRST and he had a R-24T in his @$$ the next. He had no idea what hit him. F-5E can not even IFF with his sad radar. F-5E has no business being at 11.0 in simulator.


mate, you couldβ€˜ve locked him with your radar, shot an R-24R and he wouldnβ€˜t have known.

F5-E RWR canβ€˜t pick up J-Band that the Mig-23 uses.

I knew that it was an F-5E after the fact. It could have been a jet that could detect my radar so my standard procedure is to lock with irst after IFF with standard radar unless it is one of the rare times that I use R-24R.


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I meant they made the right thing by mistake, and when they realized, they reverted to the wrong thing XD

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And for adding insult to the injury, there is no 11.0 rotation actually, So in practice is like the increased the F-5E to 11.3 XD


Someone told me that there was, that he just played a match that was 11.0 maximum in simulator the other day. I can not confirm, however I will update if I see a tier with 11.0 at the top.

I have played every day since the BR updates, and never was 11.0 the top