F-4s Sim br rating

Having gotten into sim again, I got the f-4s to try and make the grind better. However, while flying in sim I noticed that I was mostly up against the MIG-23 ML.
The mig-23 has a better dogfight missile, the R-60, better acceleration, better turn radius. a pulse doppler radar, IRST and a long range missile thats just as capable as the aim-7F.
So why is the F-4s .3 br higher? I only noticed today as gaijin changed the br bracket from 10.3-11.3 to 10.3 to 11.0 The only phantom not that can fight it is the F-4E, which is woefully outclassed.

Shouldn’t the F-4s and the Mig-23 ML be of equal rating? Or am I missing something


F4S can compete against the M23, same with the M29/F14/F16A - not the easiest but can be done.

For me the problem sits with the F16C, M29SMT & M29G.

The issue at question is the questionable BRs that the F-4 Family have when compared to the other Jets in the same bracket. Not whether or not one can do anything to the offending aircraft (though the list of options against the First tier 4th gens isn’t terribly high.

I suspect that the F-4S/J really has no place sitting at 11.3. Mostly due to the facts like that the Kurnass 2000 tap dances all over it. It isn’t the only Jet with a small difference in BR that makes a marked difference.

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I posted last night to have the current 11.3 line-up be shifted down to 11.0,

10.0 can compete with current 11.3, current 11.3 can not compete with current 12.3 now. A slightly alert F15/SU27/J39A/C player obliterates the F4 and M23