F-4S Phantom II should get AIM-9L


Uh, then yeas, worser

Very true, it’s quite the weird missile seeker sometimes, but at least it can work against some planes like to Su-27s and MiG-29s when you need them to because of the engine heat. (Hopefully they get buffed resistance someday, because all they have going for them is the acceleration, and the fact it moves so fast means the 40G is practically nothing since even the 9L has a tighter turn circle than the Python 3 iirc.

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Tbh im just waiting Python-4 for that.

I still dont understand why they refuse to add it when we already have Aim-120’s, MICA-EM’s and R73’s at top tier…

Kinda, but still didnt see too much difference.

To flare irccm missile - specific situation

Python better, but still limits by seeker

Tbh, given the state of top tier, I have a feeling that would make everything worse than it already is haha…

Maybe when we have reduced teams it can work out…
(As I would love to see things like the R-73M/R-74/R-74M, Aim-9X and its Blocks, IRIS-T (for those poor F-4F players), AAM-5, ASRAAM and its blocks, PL-9C & PL-10, and the Python 4 & Python 5, all added at the same time, similar to what happened with the ARH implementation)

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Adding aim9L missiles alone will push the F-4S’s BR to 11.7. Asking for more upgrades is fine, if they are historical. Just remember, the highest BR phantom in game right now is 12.7. So, the more upgrades your version gets, the higher chance that it will be pushed up even higher in BR. A lot of people think they can overcome their enemy if only their plane had this or that, while remaining at its current BR. The reality is that most of the upgrades people want will push their planes up in BR where they will fight even more challenging opponents. So, you end up again wanting more upgrades so you can beat your enemies… and the cycle repeats. The best upgrade you can give a plane will always be a pilot upgrade.

It wouldn’t. F-4EJ Kai has better radar, more countermeasures and built-in Vulcan. If F-4S will also get those features, it will be on 11.7.

And the F-4S has operation bee line upgrades that are similar to agile eagle, which improves the flight performance, better engines, and a helmet mounted display that allows you to lock targets without pointing the nose directly at them.


IMO F-4S and FG.1 or FGR.2 should have AIM-9L to makes them as good counterpart of F-4EJ Kai if Gaijin reworked multipathing even more and decompress BR.

The F-4S with the AIM-9L can equal the F-4EJ Kai in HMD and better flight model. And in the case of the FG.1/FGR.2, the Skyflash can be formidable at close range if Gaijin models the inverse monopulse seeker correctly in the game. If they did it, multipathing for those SARH missiles basically wouldn’t work.

You’re dead wrong. The F-4S has agile eagle, the EJ Kai doesn’t. That’s a massive difference… oh and the F-4S has HMD. If you want the F-4S to get the Aim-9L, it’s going up to 11.7, there’s no doubt about that.



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Ok built-in M-61 better radar and 30 more countermeasures and 11.7 will be OK

None of those can occur.
And its radar is already capable for 11.7.
Proof: F-14A and B.

Thats what you trade off in exchange for getting better agility and HMS.

Either take it or leave it because you cant have everything at once.


By the way another strong reason F4S should get 9L, according to Zenturion 7, F4S will move up 12.0.

Also this BR change is one of the biggest BS I seen.

With that BVR kit? You’re a joker are you not, compare it to other “about to be” 12.0s and tell me that again

F-4J moving to 12.0 is actually a slight downtier as F-16s are going to 13.0 from 12.0.
The only thing that stays “normal” is the Mig-29 which stays 0.7 above F-4J.

Thus F-4J with 9Ls would move to at least 12.3.
Especially since EJ Kai is 12.7 in the table currently.

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Honestly, when the BR changes drops without changing spreadsheets, navy phantoms and british phantoms deserve to get AIM-9L and stay at 12.0 BR.

Facing against MiG-29G and M4K, JAS39A(wtf?) at full uptier games without AIM-9Ls would be horrible.

F-4S Phantom II (premium pack) move to rank 8 before F-20A Tigershark ?

I hope new BR for Air RB and Air SB to 11.7 only, not 12.0

F-4S from premium tree don’t want AIM-9L

I mean it makes sense, but only for the tech tree ones tbh.
Just to spite premium sh*tters and also just cuz the TT phantoms fly worse or already have a worse kit