F-4S Phantom II should get AIM-9L


I think F4S should get AIM-9L, back in the days F4S didn’t get it because gaijin think it has good radar and try “balance” it. Now days it has to facing plane like F-16, F-15, Mig-29, Su-27, etc that has all aspect IRCCM missiles, it is very hard to counter them. And I know that F4S in real life used AIM-9L.


And not even mention F4S got facing plane like AV-8B+ that have AIM-120.

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If you can prove it, then I’d be on board. Also if you can prove it I’d recommend making a big report too. :)


Or just make a new F-4E Phantom II with AIM-120s and AIM-9Ms for USA?

F-4F ICE moment :(

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If your okay with the F-4S being 12.0 minimum then sure


It’ll probably end up being 11.7 at the same BR as the EJ Kai


It has an HMD, and would thus be far superior.

Oh you’re right, I totally forgot about that. Gonna be at the same BR as F-16A and Mig 29 fun 🤩


Eh it would still be better than nothing

Play the F-14B, it’s only 0.3 higher than an AIM-9L F-4S would be.

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I say nuh uh. It’s an early type F4S, ridiculously strong radar and missiles too becuz of the MP change. ( Though it may struggle but isn’t unusable and far from useless in an uptier)
Abuse the radar or bomb with it like most F4S bots do lol.

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Now compare the F-4S to something like the FG.1/FGR.2, which face it on a regular basis.


Actually, there is an acknowledged bug report Community Bug Reporting System about the AIM-9L for the Phantom. There is also a document named “Aviation Ordnanceman” Google Books from 1985, which states:


there was no US phantom with AMRAAMs

we are aware

however, why do you so desperately want the phantom’s BR to increase?

having put a number of battles through the F4F-ICE now I don’t see why anyone would want even a 0.3 increase to the 11.3 Phantoms

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In my opinion, could add F-4S (1984) to regular tech tree and armed AIM-9L

But F-4S from premium tree not get AIM-9L


If you want to see 11.7BR F-4S, yes

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How F-4S face against Su-27 which is 12.7BR atm???

Give us a TT F-4S (late) instead, with those and the Aim-7Ms instead. The F-4J is already a worse F-4S, and giving players the option to have a TT one is quite nice, along with the fact most players wouldn’t love to have a 11.7 F-4 that sees spamraams even more.