F-16D, F-14B Radar gunsight not working?

I have a target locked, sight mode is standard, I see a funnel flailing around, and yet none of the pippers offer any working solutions? Skill issue? Bug?


In Cockpit?

Typically there is a dedicated cockpit sight mode. if I recall of the top of my head “Cannon on air target” and then it should work. At least thats how it works in the Tornados.

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The pipper with the wings doesn’t seem to work 99% of the time, the dot pipper does work, but it’s almost always in a zone of the HUD that doesn’t display, so it’s only useful on very low deflection shots. For the F-16D at least. I got the F-14’s gunsight to work, and it works beautifully, as the gunsight is projected onto all of the forward windscreen it seems, so it’s visible in even high deflection shots unlike the F-16D’s.

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this is more than anything thanks to gaijin devs putting the gunsight in the center of the HUD instead of on the top of the HUD as it is in a real F-16.

They’ve gotten away with it for ages.

You can even tell on most Jet Cockpits, that the camera is placed in the neck/chest area of the pilot if you play it in VR with the pilot’s body on.

I’ve raised this issue before and gotten told by other people that it is a “design choice”.

I’ve also reported it on Warthunder Issues, but got told that it ain’t a bug and it was closed.

You can see the same on all F-16s, A10s, F4 Phantoms, A4 Skyhawks and probably many more (haven’t flown all jets yet).

You can adjust the height of the camera manually, but the HUD simply cuts off at the center.

Here’s the A-10:

And here’s the HUD of a real A-10:

This makes dropping bombs on the A-10 impossible when flying straight. You need to fly at least at a 45° Angle to get a CCIP Solution on the HUD. Same with the F-16 and Snakeyes.

Thus: You don’t get a proper Firing solution with your Guns, because the Gunsight reticle drops lower than the HUD due to placement of the camera.


I see. Seems to be typical Gaijin implementation, with a trivial and easy fix. Although even moving the head position up with the controls, the HUD just doesn’t display past a certain point, so even moving the head up is useless.


yeah… at least you get a better look at your target.

And the funnel does help somewhat when trying to hit someone in high-speed maneuvers, but without the pip it’s basically guesswork. I liked the F-16A gunsight better. Even with it being wrong as well.