F-16C should get AIM-120A and AIM-9M

What? The classification of them as air superiority heavy fighters has no effect on their performance. The only advantage they have is more missile paired to better radars. But realistically you can still notch and fly super close to the ground to get away from both of their radars.

Mig-29 and F-16 would be a fair match in a dogfight against either the Su-27 or F-15 or a regular war thunder ar rb game

It’s not their classification but purpose.
Gaijin’s obviously not doing air superiority jets yet and are looking to add multiroles first

Besides, that’s not really the point. SU-27 and F-15 are both jets for the two nations that dont need it.

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mig-29 is decidedly not a multirole jet. Multirole is a NATO thing.

Also Su-27 can drop more bombs than the Mig-29 and the F-14 is a pure bread interceptor. I just don’t understand why go forward in time when there’s still the F-15/18A models to add and a Su-27

But Japan and Israel can get F-15A too, Israel really needs something with BVR capability.

Not like it’s a new way of implementing vehicles tho. For ground vehicles it’s a common thing, less for planes but it still happens

I get you man, but SMT can carry guided and unguided munitions, perform CAS as well as CAP.
It’s a multirole jet.

The F-16 is also a multirole jet, performing the same functions.

Su-27 was designed as a heavy air superiority fighter, like the F-15 was.

My guess is they went forward in time to give AMRAAM to less capable platforms or platforms that appeal to both air and ground players but thats a wild guess.

My biggest question is…why buff the two most powerful nations?
USA has 2 F-14s, both of which are excellent. Now 3 F-16s one of which is now a Gen 4+. But even before this had F-14B and F-16A which are insanely good respectively.

USSR has now 2 MiG-29s one of which is equipped with most undeniably unmatched loadouts we’ve seen in a while, having thrust vectoring, HOB missiles. But even before the new one, their radar missiles are insane, able to outspeed, manuevor and kill any aircraft it faces consistantly, while also being a powerful dogfighter with its HMD. Not to mention the backup of YAK141.

Both nations were incredibly unbalanced and powercreeped before Sons of Attila. Now after this update, we’re once again seeing these two get an increase in capability (albeit HEAVILY stacked in USSRs favor) while minor nations, especially UK are operating essentially no better than Phantoms but have to fight these monsters.

If AMRAAM should come, UK should be the first to field it.

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copy pasting the same plane and checking different armament boxes is way easier than actually modeling unique aircraft

also UK doesn’t have anything they’re willing to add until SA gripen or eurofighter

I agree, but you’d then see USA mains asking for F15 also (rightfully so I suppose).

USA and USSR should’ve been left far, far alone for a while to let others catch up. Now USSR and USA have an arms race with R27ER/T and R73 leading to outcries like this topic for AIM9M and AMRAAM. They dug themselves a massive hole.

They need to either: remove the new missiles from MIG29SMT or pull a Harrier GR7 and provide a versitile fighter or AMRAAM to nations who need it.

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wasn’t there an italian AV8B harrier + leak? that would be a good contender since tons of people fielded them

yep there was

now watch it get AIM-9L

Maybe so, but Gaijin doesn’t develop the models. It’s outsourced.

the UK could get AMRAAM on Tornado F.3
If not, they could give:
BAe Hawk
Atlas Cheetah
SAAB Gripen
Sea Harrier FA.2
Dasault Mirage
Jaguar GR.3A
Eurofighter DA.2

Sadly, RAF never operated the Harrier II with a radar set.

FA.2 would be just good enough at the proper BR

It’s an AMRAAM slinger too. Subsonic so less range. Low alt too. But, capable still. That said, not Harrier II, so no improved wings or cockpit.

12.0 worthy still with AIM120

at least it got an engine upgrade

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I think they should add F-15A to all of them, everyone would be happy

I agree, gaijin should built up minor nations to give them a chance in fight with SMT or new F-16C

In my opinion they should more new content than reduce it.

They’ve definitely backed themselves in a corner with powercreeping so hard.
Adding F-15 or SU-27 right now would be a bad move.

Their focus should be on equalizing the top tier.
USA: it has F-16C and F-14B. Given AIM-9Ms, I think they’d be just fine.

USSR: They need no new additions to top tier for a while. MiG-29SMT presents the best aircraft in game.

Germany: They have MiG-29, which I think is good enough until we’re ready for more intense stuff. If it carried it, R73 could goto Germany.

Great Britain: Tornado F.3 Needs AMRAAMs and ASRAAM and a BR increase. Failing that, Sea Harrier FA.2 w/ AMRAAMS or:
BAe Hawk, Tejas, Cheetah, Eurofighter DA.2, SAAF Mirage, CF-18, Jaguar GR3A, SAAF Gripen.

Japan: Unsure if F-16AJ can be given the AIM-9M? Otherwise Mitsubishis knockoff F16 prototypes?

China: They’re in a weird spot domestically, but have F-16. AIM-9M if it can, otherwise:
J-10 with reduced arsenal, New F-16?,

Italy: Tornado ADV blows. It needs AMRAAM if they can even mount that. If not, give their F-16 better missiles.

France: Give MICA to the french already.

Sweden: SAAB Gripen, or AIM-120 desperately needed. Maybe some sub-tree style aircraft to cheat until Gripen?

Israel: Barak II to recieve Python missiles to make up for lack of A2A radar missiles.

No new additions to USSR and USA until we’re all on the same playing field again. Its rediculous how bad its gotten out of balance. Reign it in, level it out, and then we can start talking F-15, SU-27, etc.

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My hope, given todays confirmation that “everyone will recieve ARH missiles at the same time”, alongside the promise of Gripen this year, is that we’ll see this problem fixed by Christmas.

That and we’re seeing signs of AIM-120 being tested with AIM-9M as a loadout seen in datamines

Germany MiG-29 should get those R-73 because they used them, but gaijin should remove R-27T and R-27ER additionally radar have to be nerf 9.12A didn’t have all functions

In UK AIM-120 and ASRAAM on tornado would be enought for now

Honestly i don’t what to do with Japan AJ, maybe they should get prototype F-2?

In China they can add PL-12 to J-8F.