F-16C should get AIM-120A and AIM-9M

AMRAAM could go on Tornado today and it would still be a second pick to the MiG-29 and F-16 given it’s piss poor turning

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I mean it’d be a whole lot better, but if your AMRAAM missed, that’d be one missile wasted and a need to follow up. which is not at all ideal

I’m not saying that Israel is the only nation lacking tho… Not as much as Sweden and UK but it surely does. It really wouldn’t hurt if Tornado F.3 and JA37D got AIM-120 and went to 11.7-12.0 but if they actually gave better missiles for the Barak II (for example) it also wouldn’t break the balance as long as it would go up in BR to at least 12.7.

Also Tornado F.3/ADV are one of the best 11.3 jets currently and just because they’re constantly being uptiered to 12.0 doesn’t mean they need a buff to their weaponry but rather F-16s and MiG-29s need a BR increase. Yk Tornado isn’t the only 11.3 suffering because of that.

btw. I feel like you’re taking this personally when you really shouldn’t. I don’t main any nation in WT. I play partially everything so I’m trying to look at things objectively between the nations.

It’d extend Tornado’s effective firing range to make it so you can engage beyond 10mi, and allow for follow up shot opportunities.
It gives Tornado a chance. It might not be the best plane, its an interceptor. But goddamn it would make the plane viable at least, and worth grinding

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You’re good dude, i’m not taking anything personally beyond Gaijin being inept as always lmao

What I mean though is Tornado F.3, while it might well be one of the better 11.3’s - the fact is it always gets 12.0 matches which renders it unplayable.
You never face a downtier and rarely see your own BR, so I think just saying “fuck it” and giving it AMRAAM and changing its BR to max, would be so much healthier.

Imo, tornado F.3/ADV would be good testing platform for aim-120a. They should add them and balance them on game where we all could see their performance in combat.

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Ye I know. I own the italian ADV and really the only problem I have with it is facing MiG-29s and F-16s, eveything else is bearable. Tho I think AIM-120 capable F.3 should come as a separate vehicle and maybe together with AIM-9M / ASRAAM to make it better in WVR department too?

Could do, yeah.
Currently you can make it somewhat workable, but with a Gen 4+ F-16C and the MiG-29SMT here, the latter having even more powerful weapons and insane R73s, your experience in ADV is going to be dire.

The F.3 we have for UK can field its full weapons kit. Its just software updates to Tornado now for us. The radar is its final physical implimentation. So realistically, we could see ASRAAM and AIM-120 on F.3 right now, no magic handwaves needed.

Imo? It desperately needs it.

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Yeah I’m aware. Wonder how would they handle the italian one tho as it never received upgrades needed for AIM-120

I don’t understand the logic in adding SMT and Block 50 before the F-15A or Su-27. They’re literally skipping an entire late 80’s era for amraam and amraamski

Yeah, i agree with you top tier should have more then 2 maybe 3 good aircrafts. AIM-120 only on Tornados wouldn’t be a powercreep if we compare it to other jets with much better performance.

They want light amraam carriers before the big 10x carriers is my guess

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Italy I think is less dire.
Imo, order of changes should look something like:
UK first on account of not even having a 12.0 worthy anything
Sweden second for having a slightly more capable but never the less still garbage top tier jet
Italy to recieve something that can carry AMRAAM, though the fact they have F-16 isn’t too bad.
Germany needs anything capable.
Israel needs BVR

doesn’t italy have the ADF? It carried amraams IRL idk about italy specific tho

Me too F-15A could be add to 3 nations and it didn’t use aim-120 so no need to implement new missile.

Heavy fighter platforms like SU-27 and F-15 are both air superiority fighters whereas F-16 and SMT are multirole. They want to give everyone a “does everything” fighter, but forgot to give it to everyone so instead just powercrept their game


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I’m not sure. The Italian ADV might not have had the same upgrades the RAF did.

no I mean the F-16 ADF not the tornado

Honestly I think italian ADV should stay as it is because F-16A ADF could simply get the AIM-120. This way we could keep it both historical and balanced without itroducing additional vehicles to fill the gaps or without uptiering the Tornado. UK on the other hand needs both (at least) AIM-120 for the F.3 and possibly AIM-9L for the FGR.2 (since it was the latest UK Phantom version)

but that’s just my wild fantasy so…


Oh right, my bad.
ADF, i’m not too sure.
In my opinion, All F-16s could be given AMRAAM A/B.

Their range isn’t too big an improvement over AIM-7 but the active seeker head gives a lot more help.

Russia on the other hand has their powerful ER and ETs.

The Tornado could recieve -120C for increased range.

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