F-16C should get AIM-120A and AIM-9M

I really do not follow the logic behind the current decision to give the Mig-29SMT both the R-27ET and the R-73. The Mig-29 already performs as one of the if not the strongest plane in the game with the R-27ER and R-60M combination. It didn’t need a buff and it only widens the performance gap between the Mig-29 and every other fighter that isn’t an F-16 or F-14 at top tier.

The R-27ET. This missile effectively performs as a fox3 missile, particularly with its FOV clamp down after launch to increase flare resistance- it also gives no warning and has a short burn time. The only effective defense will be randomly flaring and jinking just assuming you had one shot at you.

The R-73 has received a IRCCM buff with its FOV gate also being halved to .75 plus its 40G thrust vectoring capability. It will be very strong from the rear aspect and come in from unsuspecting angles making it even more deadly.

Remove these two missiles OR give some equivalents to other planes.

AIM-120A, MICA, PL-12: These missiles are ARH homing but they would effectively counter balance an R-27ET allowing other nations to have some symmetrical gameplay. These missiles also give a RWR warning while the 27ET does not.

AIM-9M and equivalent: This missile effectively performs the same as a 9L with the difference being much more flare resistant, this would essentially guarantee rear and side aspect kills while being flarable from frontal aspect.

The result would be a fairer more asymmetric gameplay with a choice between a stealthy mig-29 SMT shooting no warning 27ET’s and super maneuverable R-73’s you always need to be watching for coming at you from all angles OR launching 120’s from a conservative distance trying to avoid being ET sniped and pushing Migs off from a distance while trying to stay out of a knife fight that will favor the Mig’s heavily.

I’m not sure where the idea to have an R-73 and R-27ET/R vs Sparrow F/M and 9L meta came from but it is decidedly one sided, very biased and not really grounded in logic, statistics or facts.


Nah, they should remove the 27ET from the 29SMT but you’re coping mega hard by trying to act like only the US should get AMRAAMs just because russia got R-73 and R27ET


I swear no one has ears. They have said multiple times when Fox 3s come everyone is getting them at the same time. They straight up said the F-16C is getting an armament upgrade later on.


Cope, the objectively best fighter in warthunder needed better weapons because reasons


AMRAAM might be too disruptive but it seems ludicrous that the current AIM-7 and AIM-9 variants are held back while Russia is allowed to push to all the 27E variants and the 73. It’d be possible to give multiple nations more advanced AIM-7’s and AIM-9’s but no, I guess only the best top tier merits new missiles.


Yes they did- once everyone else gets to suffer at the feet of the 27ET /R73 combo and then gets to face down an R-77 as well on the outer pylons of the SMT.

It makes no sense other than just to insanely buff Russia for reasons???

I don’t think dev remove R-27ET from MiG-29SMT 9-19 but easy increse battle rating to 12.3

Also to think of it, couldn’t they just have added AMRAAM, MICA EM, R-77, and PL-12 in this patch to everyone? The only nation that wouldn’t have an ARH carrier would be Japan, but maybe they can just fake it with the AJ that’s basically fake already.


I suggested they remove or add. It’s really the combination of both them that’s just a slap in the face to every other jet.

bro they put a new F-16 in israel but they didn´t put sparrows on it as a stop gap is BS a this point

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Damn…if he wants that just because one missile that Sweden should get Gripen E with all its load out

I guess for F-16C Block 50 gajin might consider AIM-120B december this year and hope any day add AIM-9M this year, at least increased battle rating to 12.3

F-16A Block 15 ADF (USAF & Italy) and F-16A Block 20 should get AIM-9M too

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i’d argue 12.7. Stops any sort of Phantoms seeing them. except for the EJ Kai in fairness has AIM-7Fs and an F-16 radar as is. oh, and AIM-9Ls too. not ideal but better than the F-4F or British Phantoms.


Yes they’re going to basically make it pointless to play anything accept GRB with F-16C. BVM players are gonna love getting a maverick to the face from space

Aim-9M Yes, But Aim-120 no.
Why no 120? Because every other nation which has F16s will whine about not having them.
Or every F16 nation will get them at the same time, and it will be hell.
Gaijin themselves said that they will not add capable Fox 3s without counterparts on both sides of the coin, though.

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Out of all the planes we have in the game currently only the block 50 and the Kurnass would get AIM-120’s which wouldn’t be a power creep beyond the ET.

J/A37D could carry them (RB99)
All F-16 block 15+ variants could carry AIM-120 (F16 ADF, MLU)
Air defense tornados (ADF, fgr.3)

Probably a few others too

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If you think USA is going to struggle, look at Britain and Sweden!
We have literal shitboxes that the developers have just forgotten about but shove into high tier.
If anyone should recieve AMRAAM, It’s Swe and UK.

Big agree though that at least AIM-9M should come to NATO nations to counter this absolute bullshit powercreep

Israel also needs some love in BVR department

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For sure but at least they have a plane that turns lmao
The F-16 for Israel, both Netz and now Barak II show a massive capability for dogfighting. The BVR isn’t there, sure but it can dogfight and hold its own.

The Tornado turns worse than the F-104, literally. Its missiles get outranged by everything, rendering its role as a “missile truck” completely irrelivant. It carries 4 AIM-9Ls but, unfortunately, it can’t dogfight for shit, or turn quick enough. It doesn’t have a HMD and is more like bringing the MiG-23 to a top tier battle.
I.e - Suicide.
The only way you can get kills is by stealing them and playing insanely safe. It’s tragic.

The same goes for the swedes. They’re stuck with Viggen, which is fast and decently manuevorable, but again – look at it’s competitors! MiG-29s, Gen 4+ F-16Cs.

It’s a sick joke.

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