F-16C HUD could and maybe should be improved

To start the F-16C is constantly stuck in DGFT mode which should be its own thing similar to how the MIG-29 can swap its sight.
dog fight hud: one

A nav hud with sudo bvr aspects would also be aspects one

Working CCRP drop line would also be a major upgrade to the current hud, even the block 10 has a working CCRP drop line with time till drop and range.
ccrp drop line in action one two


What bomb were you using?

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gbu 12 and napalm


Ah… Well with the GBUs. CCIP/CCRP doesnt work on any jet. There is a hack/workaround/trick for that though. Take 1 dumb bomb. So long as its on your aircraft, you can access the CCRP interface for GBUs. Automatic release wont work, but timer should, so you’ll know when to release. Napalm might be the same

the thing is the hud is wrong on how the ccrp works and could be fixed, and the gbu works with the f4e phantom with ccrp but to say that it should atleast be rectified when time is made to do so. also the f16c hud lacks the timer to begin with.

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Yeah, they forgot the important line for CCRP, they draw the line that helps you find the target, but they forgot the one that let you drop the bombs on it … and I didn’t see the timer neither.

Also, the degrees (course) in the HUD HSI is wrong, isn’t it ?

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I think the most important change to the HUD -any HUD in WT actually - would be correctly working Velocity Vectors…


Also in virtual cockpit, flight path marker shows exactly where the aircraft is flying but in hud it is fixed at the front of the aircraft. Makes it feel arcade

Flight path marker / velocity vector is not modelled in any of the HUD’s in WT, not only the F-16. I really hope they fix this eventually…


f16 mlu hud suck too… horrible and lagging gun tunnel

Also it would be cool to have a better working SAS mode. The aircraft does barely get trim in damping and auto leveling modes and auto leveling mode does not make the aircraft fly level but makes it fly close to the level

Another problem is something that gaijin probably hasn’t seemed to realise yet - The waterline indicator and the gun aiming vector aren’t always aligned IRL and pilots in modern aircraft sit significantly higher than in WW2 aircraft. The Phantoms with their gun aiming down was a good example of this, what gaijin should’ve done is set the mouse aim and stick roll axis along the gun aiming vector instead of the waterline, and move the pilot’s defualt camera position up within the cockpit. But for some reason gaijin chose to aim the cannon upwards so it matches the waterline instead.

It’s not just post war aircraft that could use such a fix, even WW2 aircraft such as the P.108 whose gun points downwards. The fix would mostly affect RB players who fly with mouse aim instructors rather than sim players however.

Other broken HUD elements include:

G-load meter (How the heck did gaijin manage to invent yet another broken G load meter? It operates differently to the instrument, which is also incorrect. The only correct G load meter is only accessible via localhost:8111’s State:Ny output.

Gunsight lead: The game automatically changes the symbology for gyro lead to computed lead in aircraft that have them modelled (MiG-29/Yak-141/F-16) but there’s no way to identify if it’s still artificially locked to distance-compensated gyro mode, resulting in major confusion in how much lead you need. That’s not even the worst part, the gyro lead still does not properly compensate for flight conditions such as aerodynamic drag, and therefore is unreliable as heck. The weird thing is that Gaijin did implement a working model previously but reverted it for some reason.

We shouldn’t be forced to use an unreliable gyro mode in other aircraft such as the F-86 and MiG-15, the functionality should be fixed first otherwise we should have an option to cage the sight.


The Compass is also reversed (at least on a few maps).

Heading 0 is actually 180, etc.

Also the map image from the MFD on the right bleeds into other screens (the left MFD and the RWR)

Mlu hud suck too….

I‘ve raised this issue before and got told that it basically is a design choice.

Ever try dropping a bomb in the A10? You can never see the Impact Point because the camera is at chest level of the pilot and raising the head camera to its real position cuts the HUD off at the middle.

Definitely a big mistake imo. But I don‘t think Gaijin will ever change it.

This is the issue I created a while back. The reasoning was told to me by someone else that had also raised the issue in the old forums.

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The A-10A HUD also needs some work. Gaijin can’t even get the Russian HUDs right though.

Someone even posted a bug report about the heading being wrong and they closed it as “intended”?

The compass is 180 degrees off and they’re claiming you’re just flying uncoordinated… huh?


I dont think there is a HUD in game that is accurately modeled except that found on the Bi-planes. So much missed potential.

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UPDATE - last night I checked and it’s no longer 180 degrees off (this may be map dependent)

I was in Afghanistan and the compass was off by about 120 degrees but either way it’s completely unreliable for navigation.

I’m okay with it not being real to life (though I’d prefer that) but I’d at least like the data given to be correct.

But the CCRP needs to be more clear - I like that it points you to the right direction if the target is off centered but when you’re on the right line you basically have to make sure the drop line is going straight up and down.

But my biggest complaints remain the incorrect heading indication and the MFD map bleeding over into the RWR and left side MFD (I’m nost sure if it does that when the targeting pod is active or not as I hvae not yet unlocked that mod).

Please note that the previously closed bug report was opened again after it was pointed out that the deviation is by far exceeding what can be considered a “small deviation”.

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