F-16 Fighting Falcon: History, Performance & Discussion

I don’t know that the acceleration is that much better, rather the F-16s acceleration is kind of lackluster…

Should be 30 degrees

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where can I read this document?

search up the name of the document word for word and click on the pdf result with the same name should come up

The research paper often confused local and true AoA, doesn’t keep these terms separate and as such isn’t very accurate.

30° local (cockpit gauge) AoA is ~19-20° True AoA. Wing rock instability becomes considerable at only 23° true AoA, expect it to be a bit worse than the MiG-29.

Is there any possibility that gaijin consider new F-16 toptier for USA tech tree located after F-16C Block 50 in 2026 or 2027 ?

F-15 is also superior to F-16 when it comes to high altitude performance.

The thing is most dogfights doesnt happen at 15k feet altitude or higher.

By a small margin( f15c vs F16c with 129). In acceleration the F16c(under performing in acc ingame) is superior even at high alts. At 77% fuel, clean and 40kft, it takes 83s from M0.82 to M1.52. Compared to the C eagle which is 90s.

Turn rate its harder to tell as eagle chart is with with 55% fuel while viper is basically empty. But at 40k ft the viper sustains max G at M1.65 at 3.7Gs while eagle does 3.2G sustained from Mach 1.8 to M2.2. At M1.65 the eagle is doing 3.2Gs. Perhaps at lower fuel it man achiever higher numbers.

The difference is that a the drag and weight ratios from an armed and fueled viper to a clean one is higher than that of the armed/clean eagle

Drag polars of F-15C, F-16C blk50 and F-18C obtained from the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.

f16 b50 CLCD polar
f18c CLCD polar


Hello Guys,

do you have also the problem that the HUD isnt showing the CCRP markings since 2 weeks? When yes i would write a bug report.

No one talking about the F-16 FM changes on dev server? Stability was nerfed, spins are harsher.

They added more AoA shift’s to the code, unsure how this affects it since I was unable to play on the dev server this time around.

Other changes to the Cl to Cm lines and then the following stuff, not sure what all was changed or how it affects it. I suspect they are correcting the overperforming stability slightly as a compromise until they can better model the instability and FLCS per my report.

Then there is also this;

instructor change didnt seem to do much I noticed it too but when I went to check it out I didnt notice any significant performance difference in mouse aim, was still able to pull crazy G’s

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I tested it on the devserver and it seems to bleed more energy rn, it’s minimal tho

Well, we’ll wait for live and see if there are further changes. We can continue testing at that time.

wasnt this fixed on the dev server/ next update?

Yay, finally

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Yeah it looks like the basic employment manual is more accurate


I don’t know why, but he isnt understanding the proplem right? There is no CCRP in F-16A MLU, F-16C BL50 and F-16D Bl40 HUD at the moment. Some friends have the same problem, nobody uses custom skins or any other datas.

@Gunjob could you help me with that?

Fixed in 2.31

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Is there a way for the F16A Block 20 MLU to get 6x 500lb bombs on the inner pylons just like all the other non-ADF F16A versions? Perhaps Gaijin can change it?