F-16 Fighting Falcon: History, Performance & Discussion

And one nation still overperform in overall and yet those same overperform nation can’t handle F-16 overperform seem funny to me


Russia causing problems on ground rb, on the other hand F-16 causing problems on both air and ground rb.

Not to mention if Israel and Usa teams up nothing can stop them at ground rb because of how powerful F-16C and D models are right now.

Just because you want to see Russia suffer in ground rb doesnt mean other nations should also suffer.

That why ground RB also air need NATO and all western alliance on the same team and put Russia and China on the same team well i think we should stop it getting off topic

But i dont see any official NATO vs Warsaw Pact in here.

Besides this doesnt change the fact that F-16 is busted and its flight model should be changed.

Your hate for Russia preventing you from thinking logical.

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it’s going to be the beatstick going forward, all nations have airframes that blow it out of the water, there is a reason why they went from the F-16A-15ADF to the F-16C-50+ in such short order, and skipped over at least four potential variants that would have could have delayed the rate that the meta (blocks; -10, -25, -40, -50, etc.) advanced and further been interspersed with other airframes to slow things further.

Let it have it’s time in the sun. You really won’t have to wait long either considering that it is known that Fox-3s are going to propagate with the December patch, and the F-16 going to really struggle unless they add towed decoys, PIDS dispensers, ECM pods and the AIM-9R or -9X.

You probably right about it but don’t get me wrong I don’t hate them because they are Russian

İ know you dont hate them because they’re Russian.

You’re feeling that way because of how Gaijin modelled Russian vehicles and i feel the same in most cases.

Why should Block-50 struggles when Fox-3 uptade will be here?

With the introduction of Fox-3 F-16 will also recieve Amraams and probably Ecm pods as well.

Does the US actually use these pylons? I can’t recognise which F-16s those are supposed to be, but I’ve seen that they only plan to get these pylons in the near future

Because when armed with the similar armament, airframe related issues like acceleration, top speed and internal fuel will make the difference, which is where the F-16s has issues vs things like the Typhoon, Gripen, F-15, Su-27, etc.

It depends on which branch USAF / ANG / Reserve, and further which squadron the airframe belongs to, as that subsequently determines the role of the airframe. but the one in the image is of a ANG Block-30

PIDS in particular is carried by ANG Serials that start with #86- (Block 30 / -32) or earlier airframes as they do not have the space to internally mount the additional countermeasures that later variants received as standard, the reason for mounting them integrally to the station is because there is existing equipment and that the added complexity would require rewiring which is a deep cycle maintenance / remanufacture task so not a common occurrence, and puts the airframe out of action for a period of time.

PIDS+ additionally has a MAWS system mounted, which is what the ANG had the contract issued for

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The F-16 doesnt really struggle in any of these especially the latter now with the fuel efficiency buff I dont even take a full tank of gas in air rb anymore. Su-27 and Typhoon are the only airframes that are just all around better in all metrics. I think the F-16 will hold its relevance for a very long time

MiG-29M (9-15)

I dont think theyll go for the 9-15 since theres other production MiG-29s that were used more like the 9-41 series (9-41R,9-41SR)

9-41 modern versions. And there is not much information about them.

“let it have its time in the sun”

why are you here. this is earnestly such a sad thing to write.

Still waiting on a few 2nd / 3rd gen USAF interceptors; F-86D, F-89H / -89J, F-102 / F-106. or numerous Strike aircraft, I don’t particularly care for fancy 4th gen multirole aircraft. It would have been nice to be able to fly them without having to deal with various All-Aspect missiles, R-73s and Pythons and hyper compressed BRs.

Otherwise it was hoping that we’d see a proper rollout of the numerous potential F-16 variants and prototypes (F-16X, F-16XL, A-16, etc.) instead of rushing through them all just because some nations have no / fewer options. so far we’ve speed run all the way to what is practically the most modern / advanced USAF F-16’s available, and missed most of the features that would have made it distinct from its counterparts.

The only thing the F-16C-50+ has vs a prospective Block -40 is practically the HMD, and even then there are options so there was no real point to introducing so much potential featurecreep.

Laughs in F-15 series

Even the F-16 should be generally better or equal to the F-15 in most metrics in terms of flight performance, only notable advantage is the F-15s wacky acceleration. thing is bonkers

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Let’s not forget the F15 AoA and 1c capabilities

F-15 AoA isn’t that great, worse than the MiG-23MLD…
24-26° before wing rock and such.

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