F-16 Fighting Falcon: History, Performance & Discussion


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I am working on a bug report to fix the relaxed static stability and flight qualities of the F-16.

It behaves like the top left of following image when it should behave like top right at low (takeoff) speeds.

They marked my report as duplicate and just gave up trying to model the F-16 correctly at all.

Apparently it is impossible for them to create the F-16’s proper FM and stability qualities. I wonder if they will adjust the game engine / flight model to account for this in the future.

I expect dev consider new F-16 fitted new pulse doppler-radar with TWS mode better AN/APG-66 & AN/APG-66(V)1 radar for USAF and Israel tech tree next quarter or Q4 this year


F-16CG Block 40 (USAF)



F-16C Block 30 Barak I (Israel Air Force)

This is very possible scenario, which is also a problem, since IAF F-16C/D cannot use SARH missiles.

The Baz will gonna save Israel, but Barak or Sufa w/o fox 3 missiles would be nothing more than obstacle.

I expect USA tech tree need F-16C better F-16A Block 10 & F-16A Block 15 ADF this year because true multirole fighter and new meta fighter aircraft, at least F-16C Block 30 or F-16CG Block 40 very good Air-to-Air combat in Air RB & Air SB, and very good close air support role in ground RB & ground SB

I don’t worry F-16C Block 30 Barak I & F-16CG Block 40 Barak II without BVRAAM fox 3 because at least Air-to-Ground ordiance & close air support better F-16A Netz

For F-16I Sufa probably mounted BVRAAM

It is, but the real problem is the Israel currently lacks medium-range AAM for top tier aircrafts. So we’ll need F-16I Sufa with AMRAAM, or F-15A Baz.

F-16I Sufa it’s comparable to MiG-29M 9-15, Chengdu J-10B, AIDC F-CK-1C, Mirage 2000-5EI, F-16C/D Block 50/52 with AN/APG-68(V)7 or AN/APG-68(V)8 radar and F-16C Block 50/52+

At least I hope F-15A Baz next quarter

Seems AIM-7F is still overperforming in range by nearly 25% in some scenarios.

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Does the upcoming F-16 have a HMS?

The Block 4x & 5x were retrofitted with the JHMCS HMD alongside the addition of the AIM-9X which occurred in the early 2000’s, so it is theoretically possible. Though we don’t know what the configuration will be considering that at the moment the available ordnance is entirely fictional, for balance purposes.

Which AGM-65 Maverick variants will the new F-16C going to be receiving?

I know that the dev blog mentioned the AGM-65D, but is there any chance of the Semi-Active Laser Homing variants (-65C[125lb HEAT warhead] or -65E[300lb(80 lb explosive mass) HE warhead]) or -65G (IIR seeker mated to 300lb HE warhead) will additionally turn up. As they would serve a similar role to the -L variants of the Kh-23 /-25/ -29 with a smaller warhead since there is finally a Targeting Pod equipt Aircraft that can carry Mavericks.



Does anyone know if the AN/APG-68(V7) of the F-16C has any improvements to the notch speeds (minimum radial speed of the target required to spot it) compared to the AN/APG-66’s 50 knots?

it seems to be copy paste APG-66V3 in dev right now as a placeholder we’ll have to wait

What about IRL?

F-16s all got massive flight model buffs in dev server now and can pull 14g/15g at mach .95

in my testing all F-16s except the israeli F-16D can out turn the MiG-29 at almost every speed (high speed is similar but low speed F-16 dominates hard)

MiG-29 now only had edge in BVR, and SMT which has inferior performance to 9.13/9.12 due to its heavier weight performs even worse so SMT will have to rely heavily on R-73s and R-27ERs to compete with F-16s because in dogfights it gets slammed pretty hard

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Also, anyone know if the AN/APG-68(V7) has a HMD slewable radar or have sources to support that? The only ones I have been able to find so far that mention HMD radar slaving are export-restricted.