F-16 Canopy Reflections

Does anyone know if this is gonna be fixed at some point?

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It is quite annoying to be perfectly honest

It’s not restricted to the F-16. Also all F-4’s and Jaguars suffer greatly from those reflections, another example is the Saab 32 where you basically can’t see anything out the windshield in certain conditions, but have aperfectly clear canopy under the same conditions.

See also my bug report here, please mark “I have same issue!” if appliccable also for you: Cockpit reflections of F-4 (and other aircraft) // Gaijin.net // Issues

Other types with similar layouts do not suffer from the sae affliction: Harrier Gr.1/3. for example have always perfectly clear, reflection free cockpits, even though they have similar layout with map projector as the Jaguar, where at night you only see the map reflected off the windshield and sight, not the world outside. And this with physically impossible pathways of the light…


Unlocked the F16c last week and immediately thought about how this will suck for sim. Will add my note to your thread


Thank you. I tried searching for an issue but couldn’t find any. I’ve already clicked on “I have same issue”.


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Almost whole french tree has same issue. I did report on whole low br.

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Could you kindly send me the link to that report?

I’m working on a large report (could almost call it an essay or a study) on the whole issue, and already have some interesting observations and conclusions together that help argue for fixes for those cases…

French planes have wrong reflections in cockpit // Gaijin.net // Issues i think i uploaded images of MS406C1 but all of them are bad.

edit: few more screenshots i made now Imgur: The magic of the Internet
edit: french f84f reflects whole instrument panel on gun sight and front window Imgur: The magic of the Internet


@Schindibee and here is my raport about reflections on F-16C.

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