F-16 adf

I recently got the F-16ADF, it’s not completely full, so I can’t say I have the maximum performance of the vehicle, but I’m disappointed, I thought it was more agile, I find it very hard in maneuvers, I feel like playing the F -100 when it veers, below 900km/h it starts to be more agile but in ARB staying at those speeds means being dead. I was sure I’d find an airplane with absurd maneuverability, and instead I was sadly disappointed. if someone explains to me some secrets for maneuvering with this aircraft, which I may not have understood, let me know.

The FM is questionable on the -15ADF, The Block -10 is better and as such should be used if you want to dogfight where the -15ADF for intercepting Strike aircraft.

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another thing i don’t understand is the inability to lock onto targets that come at me straight in front of me, and prefer to lock on to allies or even missiles or other aircraft despite narrowing the radar search field, almost seems worse than using an f-4

Just get Mig-29 it feels like a plane not like a boat

In a broad sense its caused by a number of underlying factors;

Target sorting (e.g. sort by apparent return strength vs distance to the return ) not being properly implemented on a per installation / mode basis. At the moment everything bar gunsight ranging radars (e.g. those found on the F-86A, etc) uses return strength to select targets.

The Radar Cross Section of a given airframe being a uniform number (and not actually being based on any data just assigned freely) which doesn’t take Aspect angle into account, so has negligible impact on the returns when it should be a significant factor in their strength.

There is no apparent falloff in radiated power due to the observed half beam width and angle off the centerline of the pattern, this works out to be a non linear falloff with the cutoff being a 84% the range to the target on the centerline (assuming equivalent RCS between the two) where a closer return would have a stronger signature than the tracked target solely due to the distance, and so cause the array to swap targets due to the signal being stronger in the absence of any other filters or mechanisms (due to assuming that the radar is always aligned with the target).

No filters are implemented to restrict returns to only those that are relevant even though there are many methods to do so.

Implementing any of these changes would make Radars far harder to deal with, and SARH’s stronger, without the implementation of DECM & ECM pods I don’t personally think that they need the leg up at this point as outside Notch sectors and and chaff resistance for PD and Pulse radars respectively things are fairly well even, and changing things without a full implementation is only going to cause issues.

Though with the impending propagation of Fox-3’s I think that some further work being done in this area should be expected to various degrees since Strike aircraft are going to struggle if engagement ranges aren’t reduced in some way since most maps don’t make the proper use of terrain easy.

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The ADF feels horrible to fly. It’s still a great dogfighter, but completely unsuitable for the current mata of “stay fast, eat a**”.

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Hey @Smin1080p do you have any information on the ADF flight model currently being worked on or not? Any existing bug reports?

i have the Taiwanese F-16 and i hate it. It feels like an F-104. The mig-29 just seems a million times more fun. They ruined the f-16 imo. If you want to grind out the chinese air tree then go for J-8F that thing can actually turn…

after several flights, I began to understand it, as I immediately noticed from the beginning in supersonic flight it is very hard and linear, and to make it slide, you have to use the air brakes a lot and bring it under 950/900 km/h, this will give you a considerable maneuverability and corner closure, the problem is that this is fine in a 1vs1, not if you are in the fray where you can prefer intense turns but closer to the Mac1. also learning to use the setting -radar beyond the visual field- (I’m translating it from my native language into English, I hope it’s correct for you too) from 0 kill per game I went to 2/3. I find that it doesn’t reflect the real model of the F-16 in any case, and as an aircraft I know it very well since I have lived for 30 years of my life next to a NATO American base and I have always seen how they move, so I had a base visual than I would have expected and unfortunately I have not encountered a remotely similar flight pattern. A good plane, but we’re not there with what it should be

Over a long period of time flown at a specific speed against a single opponent, you’re capable of winning most engagements, that’s why people typically argue the F-16s are good, but realistically, in a normal match of Air rb, the number of times the perfect circumstances happened for an F-16 to get it’s preferred 1v1 dogfight for 5+ minutes entered at the exact low speed it needs to work can be counted on 1 hand.

It’s largely just an F-104 with better acceleration and radar, it’s nothing special unless you like to go into custom games and 1v1 dogfight a whole bunch and know how to fly it flawlessly, in air rb, the main mode of air gameplay, it’a just mediocre and you should pick up the Mig 29 instead.

The only FM Report currently open specifically on the ADF is this one:


The problem is the G-Limiter that it has in game, but IRL it had an AOA limiter.

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it’s a work in progress, i took the mig 23ml to grind the russian tree, but i’m currently focusing on the american one because i was way ahead, but it’s one of my main goals

Block 15 is correct, Block 10 is over-performing at high speed, and underperforming at low speed.
& both out-dogfight Mig-29, especially at higher altitudes.

@Ac3 Zodiac@live
IRL F-16s use a G limiter. Computer prevents the plane from pulling more than 9Gs.

That’s fair, but purely from a competitive standpoint, there is no reason to take an F-16 or even the Mirage 2000 (Which I would rate slightly above the F-16s simply because they can dogfight) over the Russian Migs which are just built for the WT meta, if the F-16 was allowed to pull unrealistic Gs like the rest of the planes in WT this conversation would be completely different, but as is, the F-16 and F-14b are jets which I would reccomend if Gaijin didn’t hamper them with nerfs, but since it looks like the artificial nerfs are here to stay, and likely be added on future variants of the jets, my conclusion is as follows;

Stay away from the US tree and trees which rely on US tech past rank 5 unless you are perfectly okay with them being modelled poorly and hit with ahistorical nerfs at random.

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As can be seen in the SAC excerpt below there is no sudden restriction or otherwise obvious feature that corresponds to observed sudden onset of the inexplicable reduction in AoA around .6~.85 Mach or so.

They should fly the same just the Block -15 should have a little more drag as the elevators deflect the same amount in response.

It’s nowhere near that simple, here is a copy of the Limiter, in block diagram form which is an excerpt from this paper

As can be seen it takes a significant number of inputs including; AoA, Airspeed (Mach), stick position, current control surface deflection, the defection differential and a few others, so its not just a G Limiter.


So I’ve found as slower speed engagements the F16 is very good. Especially if you can maintain your speed in a rate fight. Defyn did a very good video on this against a Mig29.

This and Seeker Head’s video are referenced a lot when people make up their minds that the F-16 is a strong jet.

Yes, in a prolonged and uninterrupted 1v1 engagement in which both jets enter at a medium to low speed, in which you are able to maintain the F-16, at 400ish knots, and the enemy doesn’t decide to disengage, barrel stuff you with a Radar missile, go head on, the F-16 is really strong, and because of that, it will have niche use in custom 1v1 matches.

However, in terms of Air rb matches, you’re looking for a Unicorn scenario to get the most out of the plane, it does have a sufficient kit with 6 hardpoints and 2 of those being radar on the ADF model, and the radar is nice with a 19km ACM mode, but the poorly modelled AOA limiter applies only to it, and it’s such a pain to work around even if you are a really really good F-16 pilot.

Because of those reasons, I would not reccomend it for average player, especially if they want to hop into air rb and not dabble in custom 1v1s.


Yup pretty much hit the nail on the head :)