F-15's current flight performance

I have done some testing with the F-15A and noticed that its way over performing, its sustained turn rate at mach 0.62 (around 400 knots) has a sustained turn rate of 28° with 3500 pounds of internal fuel (10 minutes) i then tested it with 7000 pounds of fuel (20 minutes) and i got (at the same speeds and altitudes by the way. (Altitude was 400 feet)) 24° sustained.

I then did some searching on google for declassified information on the F-15 and i also compered to somerhing thats more realistic in terms of flying games or simulators (whatever you wanna call war thunder) and in DCS with 5000 of fuel, it sustained 19°, in the declassified manual, at mach 0.8 with 7000 pounds of fuel, 20° at the deck, even the dcs one was an F-15C (F-15J we have in game btw) still over performed. I dont have a 100% gareent that info i looked at is declassified, so i dont think kts best to post images of it, however this matter does need to be looked into and maybe talked about with the actual air force, so we can get better information about the F-15 to better balance it, as of right now it out rates everything in the game, and its instantaneous is better than the MiG-29’s, the F-15 it terms of sustained and instantaneous should be similar to the mig29g, slightly worse sustained, but better instantaneous turn rate.

If anyone reading this has gareented declassified info on the F-15A’s flight characteristics. Please give it to gaijin, Thank you.


They buffed it as part of balance because otherwise f-15a can’t even theoritically combat any of the other introduced jets in any way.

mich stört am meisten das die varianten a bis c kein hmd haben. bei der a wurden die hmd nachgerüstet sowie bei der gruppen a und die hat es bekommen was ein betrug genau wie die perfomens beim steigen der f15 sie konnte 90 grad nach oben ziehen und hat währen dessen die schallmauer durchbrochen. und gaijin so nö bekommt ihr nicht weil die russen es nicht können!

They’ve given it one of the biggest engine power installation losses - 22%. Most are 5-15% afaik.

Gaijin had to do something to keep the F15A competetive.

To my knowledge it’s missing engine thrust by quite some amount, but I might have red that wrong.

Point is, the F15A armament can’t really compete with SUs and MIGs carrying an ungodly amount of BVR missiles.

I’d suggest you expand your “tests” to actual AirRB gameplay and try to play the F15A like it was designed to be played, as a BVR capable high altitude monster.

Your AIM7Ms self destruct 90% of the time on anything further away then 20KM.
Your Radar loses track if the enemy nodges the slightest, which then terminates your AIM7Ms.

It boils down to them doing the usual shit where they add the A Model of something to the game that then has to fight another nations “normal” Jet i.e. the Su27 which is 15 years newer.

At the time the Su27 was released to the public, the US was already beginning to push out the F15C with AIM120s and ECM pods.

Of course that leads to the F15A being completly outclassed in terms of BVR capabilites.

I don’t see how any further nerf to the flight performance will come without them HAVING to add better missiles to the F15A which then again would be “unrealistic” and people would start to bitch.


Su-27 introduced into service in '85 while AMRAAM where introduced into service in '91 then R-77 were introduced into service in '94.

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It can actually, it would have a similar flight model to the mig29 and the mig29 can fight, the f15 eoud be fine, this is a balance thing, its them making more powerful than what it can actually do or be. It out rates an f16 and f14 when it cant irl.

Its way over performing and irl it has a similar flight characteristics to the mig29, it would do perfectly fine with a nerf, and its doing shit it cant do irl, out rating an f16 and f14?! Yh never happened.

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Doesnt mean it should be able to sustain 28° and also it cant irl and it never did, never even achieved 23° sustained.

It is a 12.3 plane unlike f-14 or f-16 therefore we have to expect higher capability from it.


That’s not how high tier realistic battle is supposed to be. It’s supposed to mimic the real aspects of platforms with weapon kit being the balancing factor the devs have largely used to influence BR. And to be honest, the F-14B can absolutely be a 12.3 platform with AIM-9M and updated AIM-54C.


Its flight model on the f14b needs a very small nerf, its able to cobra too easily and so far not even dcs can do that, and in real life they wouldnt even dare to pull that shit, but in wt, its so unrealistic, but i agree, although i have played rb in so loong


Thats how it should be but it just is not like that as of right now. People would be enraged that usa gets 12.0 while everyone else gets 12.3.

Gaijin patched it wrong so the sustained turn overperforms at high speed, there’s a fix in pipeline for this. Having said that the F-15C it should be noted performs worse than the F-15A, it’s both slightly heavier and the -220 engine has a little less thrust.

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Yes ik, but the difference in sustained turn rate is by 1° irl.

It’s 19 degrees per second when weighing 35000 pounds, which it does do now.

Thats not correct and not the one i used, also, its 35000 pounds, clean, 7000 pounds of fuel as the F-15A is 28000 pounds, and 7000 pounds of fuel is 20 minutes worth of fuel, the F-15A sustained 24° at 400 knots, i know exactly of what your talking about and your wrong, as it sustained 20° at the deck.

Well F-15A has some issues that I don’t know what’s causing.
All I know is F-15J is perfect.

It aint, because as i just said that chart you looked at is for the A model, not the J (C model) the J sustains 19° with 5000 pounds of fuel with a clean configuration and i can say this right now its over performing, one your not doing your tests correctly, your trying to do this shit is mouse aim when thats not how its supposed to be done if you want the most accurate results.

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