F-15C missing amraams

Why does the F-15C not have amraams on the sidewinder pylons? (Factsheets : F-15 Eagle)

also is it possible for it to get FAST packs with other stuff in em? currently only fuel FAST packs are confirmed

(all FAST packs for ease of finding)


Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 09-52-30 f15.pdf
Here’s a screenshot from an actual USAF flight manual stating it can use aim120 on 8 pylons.


thanks, i didn’t know where to look


“balance value” meanwhile the SU-27SM:


On one hand. It shouldnt get these as it would put the F-15C ahead of most other aircraft quite significantly. Like the Gripen, Tornado F3, F4F-ICE, etc that can only have 4 ARH with 2-4 Aim-9.

But then you have USSR, China and France with much larger pools of ammo and then thats when the argument falls apart. Maybe they should just get 2 extra hard points for Aim-120. So a Max of 6. would put them on par with other nations. But it is tricky


6 is a good idea, but if we’re gonna go in a realistic road the F15C should get 8 amraams with a new pod i guess.


Talking about balance is ridiculous when the Su-27SM gets Kh-29s that not one single nation has a comparable LGB to, or the MICA performance which is currently above and beyond what anybody or their mothers have access to. An extra 4 AMRAAMs, depending on performance, will suck to have to deal with - but it doesn’t exactly go past what Gaijin is clearly willing to implement in terms of balance.

Plus, it would be a reason to play the US to top tier. 95% of our jets, aside from maybe our attack ones, are not unique to our tree in the slightest. I have no desire to continue when I can get the F-16 in the Italian/French/Israeli/Japanese tech tree or the F-15 in the Japanese/Israeli tech tree. So giving the US something with worthwhile A2A performance advantages may actually make people want to grind it.


does the brick of the F3 late get hmd?

F15c should just get its 8 aim120 imo.


nope, All ADVs (and iirc all the IDSs ) should have PHC (pilot hand control), basically a small thumb stick that allows the pilot the slew the seeker head of the Aim-9 around. So it would be like HMS but limited to the Aim-9s FoV. But it isnt modeled. F-14s should have that too.

Tornado F3 AOP is 100% identical to the F3. Except it can get AIm-9Ms and Aim-120Bs. They’ve not even finished the Flightmodel or cockpit

Su-27SM has the same loadout with R-73s instead of 9Ms.

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Did this thing even have HMD irl

Yes, jhmcs was integrated sometime in the mid 2000’s.


Ah I see

I’d be completely fine with that. As long as the AMRAAMS are on the outboard sidewinder pylons and not the inside pylons. Looks cooler that way :)


Style is the primary balancing concern :P


Right now, the F-15C with conformal fuel tanks just makes it the worse F-15 FM with no benefits in-game, since fuel is never an issue. The USA F-15C has a very poor energy retention compared to the others


F-15C already has a higher BR than the Tornado and F4 so that doesn’t seem like a real issue. And 8 AMRAAM isn’t a better load than 6+2 in most ways given that AMRAAM has smoke and can be defeated more easily via a good notch/chaff or multipath.

The difference is the F-15 itself. Its faster than most (if not all) aircraft. It can climb a lot better and should have a half decent radar. You can employ those AMRAAM a hell of a lot better than most aircraft can. When things go WVR, you have a FM that can handle that situation including HMD.

Something like the Torando and F4 dont have any of that.

yes the Su-27. J-11A and Mirage 2K have 6x ARH + 2-4 IR missiles. but that doesnt really justify the US getting 8x ARH. At least not in the first update with ARH where they are probably going to be overtuned.

6x ARH for the F-15C would be a more fair ask and Gaijin may go for it

AMRAAM being defeated by notch/chaff or Multipath is the same for every ARH not just the F-15

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