F-15 still rips wings?

Weird since I’ve never made any unprovoked provocative statement in my life. Which is a requirement to do what you claimed.

You’re a veteran of the game right @AlvisWisla? You know that there exists a related G force tolerance margin for Air Realistic Battles, correct? That margin that consists of a +50% of structural strengh to planes pulling Gs. Yet you completely ignore that slight mathematical fact by sliding a 13 instead of a 13.5.

Given your data, a half fuel loaded F-15 should be pulling 13.5Gs (base 9Gs+4.5Gs of tolerance margin), but you try to pull that in simulator controls and your plane rips.
You try to pull a slightly non gentle turn and the plane still rips.
The only exception to that is when you’re on bingo fuel, and in that scenario even the MiG-29SMT can pull 16Gs.

As i said, im not looking into arguing further with you, as i seen you doing this before, luring people into discussions for unknown reasons to me. I just took this oportunity to prove everyone that ends up reading this that you effectively make provocative statements, so your troll reputation is well earned throughout this forum.

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You mean this?

The maximum the game will let me pull.
Full fuel with Sparrows 10gs, no wing rip.

The fact you think NATO players are trolls is astonishing.
NATO players aren’t trolls no matter how much your posts troll all the NATO players with such provocations.
I don’t understand what you have against us.

Man this poor FM of F15 in game feels like the F4C, snaps the wings right off when doing a simple and very slow turn and roll at the same time, it’s like the air bites off the wings.

Did gaijin say anything about their plans to improve it’s wings? Do they even know that F15’s wings are this frail?

I’ve never ripped the f-15’s wings without losing control due to damage first. if you do manage to ing rip it your flying the aircraft in a way that its not supposed to be flown in

the f4c does not wing snap easily unless you do something crazy

Q . F-15 still rips wings?

A . Not Russian

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Believe me I don’t do it on purpose. It just rips while doing simple turns and god forbid if I do any turn and roll at the same time. It like it turns the positive g or the roll into negative g or something. It happens so quick and without any warning that I can’t figure out what exactly makes the wing break.