F-15 still rips wings?

Hi, was out for holidays etc… How is F-15 still ripping wings under low G’s ? I usually run 20m external fuel and 20m internal, once we get into the fight zone, i drop the external and fly on the remaining 20m internal… it was happening the week after release and i can see its still happening today - low G’s (not even the warning about high Gs pops up), or even small correction of flight, and the wings go bye when im at like 13-15 minutes of fuel left. is this normal ?? the Airframe is kinda famous for its tough wings and has recorded 15Gs maneuvers. Is this bug on Gaijin side thats known, or is this just how F15 will remain ? Unplayable?


Yup, just played a game touched ailerons above mach and bye bye wingtip. I’ll avoid playing it until it’s patched to be more realistic.

i kinda dont understand how the ailerons work in this game. how do i avoid using them ? i mean they are used for rolls… thats kinda important function… and if using them causes wing rip, that kinda cripples the whole plane

Ofc the F15 still rips wings, this game is obviously Ruissian bias
For Gaijin American F15 can’t fly straight without rips wings and the SU27/R27ER is pure god tier

The F15A has absolutely nothing for him, another great introduction from gaijin

And ofc Mirage 4K is weak asf and can rips wings below mach 1 even if you wear the mini fuel

Gripen is still good but had heavy nerf.

Russian bias again no surprised


I just test flew it STOCK i dont have the plane. Full fuel load 9G-10G until it gets down to 550kph. Under min fuel it pulls 12G-13G until it gets to about 650kp and guess what it didnt rip once not even with that weird barrel roll maneuver where it gets to 14G extreme overload. It never pulled 15G in reallife and you know why because the pilots cant withstand such a extreme force for longer than 2 seconds at most. The plane would deform if such maneuvers would be used over longer time. Its rated for (and i cant stress this enough, no pun intended) 9G. I would love to see the G-Limiter like the F-16 had when it got added a year ago. It already was the best fighter back then and still is, but now with competition that actually has a chance. The F-15 was not made to outperform the Flanker or anything else for that matter. Yes it can ratefight pretty well but it is not supposed to do close range dogfights against planes that are made to be its counter. Funnily enough the Flanker in comparison is except for its missiles absolute shit because of everone wanting the F-15 to excel at things it never did.

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the issue here is not it ripping wings under huge Gs, but under low Gs, often during even the slightest turn of the plane. It makes the whole plane unreliable. One game you can maneuver like ur in UFO, another u rip ur wing from slighest course correction. no matter how much fuel, how fast u go. This is not a post about how flanker is OP and F15 is nerfed. All i want is for the plane to atleast act a s plane, not a paper kite.


Who knows…


In real life F15 is an absolut monster
But in War thunder dont grind him, he is useless asf

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You actually belief a video where you cant recognize anything at all and some dude pulling random numbers out of thin air? Ok… I’m sure you know why modern jets have G-Limiters, its to keep the plane from ripping apart mid turn and reducing permanent damage and airframe fatique. This Video doesnt really show the air speed AoA or any actual usable values except for if his Jet is going up or down and even that is barely recognizable.

On the Internet people can claim anything. And a short 2 second turn of 15Gs doesnt excuse the insane flight performance it has in the game right now. It pulls 12-14Gs over prolonged periods of time and should have a G-Limiter like the Flanker currently has on above Mach 0.8 or somewhere around those speeds.

Are you really saying that the F15 should be nerfed compared to the Flanker?
Are you aware that the Su27 is currently by far the strongest plane in the game and that the F15A is absolutely useless?

What’s more, according to your statistics, your most-played aircraft is the F82, for a total of only 19 battles, so according to your profile, you’ve never been in a toptier air battle.

I really don’t get it.

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This is a false statement and i find it really funny

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Don’t tell me it Gripen i still don’t have it but on the way

he under playing the F15 and over playing the su27 its just funny

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i can still test fly them. You point being?

The literally only thing that makes the Flanker good are the type and the amount of missiles it can carry paired with the HMD. Thats it the flight performance is beyond dogshit and it should have thrust comparable to the F-15.

Lets make a comparison what each plane does better than the other shall we?
F-15 A/J/BAZ:
Better turnrate at medium and high speeds (contiuous turn)
Higher overall thrust therefore higher acceleration
better over all radar (Range, reliability, modes, angles)
more countermeasures
better headon, stealth IR missiles (Not to mention very strong 40G missile for the F-15J and Python 3 for the BAZ which have insane range + low drag and are orbital strike machines)
better RWR
better climbrate
better topspeed
guided ground ordinance although limited
lower fuel load for min fuel making it artificially lighter for shortrange dogfights
No G-Limiter especially at high speeds
hard to stall at low fuel and missile load

HMD + IRST (very limited IRST angles)
Very good shortrange missiles which tend to overcorrect and straightup miss sometimes
Powerful medium to long range SARH missiles
Good Medium Range IR missiles
biggest missile load in the game
controllability at close stallspeed (Maneuvers still like a brick until it reaches about 500kph again)
turns very good below 850kph but not prolonged (lasts for barely 2-4 seconds even with Afterburner)
large options for unguided ground strikes
shorter landing distance due to drogue chute

Both have okayish maneuverability at low speeds below 450kph. Luckily i’m not like you and do the “hur dur your statcard, you have no idea mimimi” i try to normally converse and not drag any unneeded information in this and i even asked a friend of mine who has way better in Air RB and he confirmed and corrected this list. I can only ask you converse normally without dragging anybodys stats in, alright?


Um… it is realistic.
F-15 in DCS rips its wings even easier than in War Thunder cause in DCS there’s nothing stopping you from pulling 13Gs on full load.

F-15 is superior to Su-27, and is a monster in War Thunder.
Mirage 4000 is superior to Su-27 as well.
Gripen is still the best top BR fighter in the game.

There is no Russian bias.


the post is not about the plane’s place in meta, what is stronger or what is weaker. And im also not talking about high G’s wing rip… the problem i have is that the wings rip in completely random, completely safe situations. small course adjustment at cca mach 1 and u basically roll a dice every time, on 1-2 the wing goes bye, on 3-6 the wing holds.

then u dogfight with crazy as fuck maneuvers, the wing holds np, but then you decide to change your heading by 3 degrees to the left and wing goes bye. i have no issue getting G limiter, but i want the plane to be reliable, not a RNG as it is now. There is no reason to grind or play it, if u have Viper. two extra missiles and extra ammo in the gun are not really worth the fact that u can’t trust your own plane. Not to mention the Viper has HMD.

Lmao all of you’r point is " believe me i spoke with friends " or " I fly them in testflight " .

My experience is :

  • 300 games total with the F15
  • approx. 300 games total Mirage 4000
  • approx. 681 games total with the F16C
  • 671 games approx. total with F14B
  • Obiously i dont gonna take in count my 1553 games in F14a because for me its not “toptier”
  • For a total of average 1952 games ONLY in toptier air battle without my 1553 games in F14a

And you should teach me something and I should believe you because you have " flight test them " ?

The question is this: How can I take you seriously?

@AlvisWisla you are just full of copium lmao, belive the F15 and the Mirage 4K are better than the Su27 in the current meta, it’s very good, thanks for the laughing bar.
Yea mirage 4K is better in a dogfight but bro, there is no dogfight in air battle

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are you deluded

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Su-27 is all weapons no defense.

Mirage 4000 has more countermeasures, a better kit for air RB, and better flight performance.
F-15 has more countermeasures, similar kit to Su-27, and better flight performance.

Su-27 bleeds speed too quickly, and 96 flares isn’t enough for 4 AIM-9Ms let alone 6, or 8 Magic 2s.
Granted 112 on Mirage 4000 ain’t much better, but Mirage 4000 has 8 chaff tubes for when chaff & flares are separated.

Also you have a higher KDR in F-15A than F-14A and F-16C, it’s clearly more powerful in your hands than your previous experiences.
Your teams just let you down slightly more often.

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" You are deluded "

Bro this is your stat card, you have

You’ve never set foot in a toptier, and have no idea what it’s like.
You’r toptier experience in war thunder is ZERO

But on the forum, you are a prop player, still, it’s amazing, isn’t it?

All the people here who have come to defend Su27 have toptier experience close to nil.

Don’t change a thing