F-15 Eagle: Soaring High!

My only possible gripe with this video is seeing you trying to turn/roll at Mach 1.20. Some pretty scary things can happen when you try to maneuver at that speed.

People sleep on it that’s why

I ground out the entire rank with it mindlessly hunting Tu’s and Canberras, hell if you use it right i’ve managed to score several fighter kills

Also If we’re talking years, the (Older) F15 is using missiles from 1983 and 1982 (AIM-9M and AIM-7M respectively) While the Su-27’s R27ER/T are from 1990

For reference, the AIM-120a entered IOC for the Air Force in 1991

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R-27ER was made in response to American missiles, and is weaker than ALL active radar homing missiles due to the inherent flaws of SARH technology.
That and R-27ER is in the game because AIM-7F/M is in the game.
Sure, R-27R & AIM-7E-2 is technically all we needed until ARHs but here we are.

Minor SARH missile differences don’t make the airframe either.

In fairness an AIM-120 Vs R-27ER isn’t all that unbalanced

It really is. AIM-120s can use their internal radar from their launch range. Launch & evade, or launch then evade if you’re launched on.
27ER is vastly inferior to even AIM-120B & R-77.
27ER really was only used on aircraft without R-77 support.


The only relevant factors are multipath and the requirement for a constant lock (ARHs are affected by the former)

So, then the simple fact that you need a constant (or in the case of the R-27ER only a terminal) lock instantly makes them weaker than any ARH missile?

Let’s take the only currently implemented ARH, the AIM-54

  • It is up to 1.45 mach slower than the R-27ER

  • It pulls half as hard

  • It theoretically out-ranges the R-27ER (but maps are too small for this to be relevant)

  • It can guide the last ~16km to the target autonomously** assuming the target hasn’t deviated somewhat from its last known TWS vector

R-27R vs AIM-7e2

These missiles aren’t even close to comparable, one is a sophisticated 1980s design with inertial navigation, while the other is a Frankensteined dogfight missile from the 1960s

Making the Airframe

Except the Su-27 is a functional airframe.

MiG_23M has been incredibly helpful on the AIM-120 page and has done several tests on both missiles. I trust his results and would encourage you to take a look if you disagree

AIM-120A/B (Which are functionally identical as far as the game is concerned) Has nearly half the range of the R-27ER.

At 60km (The AIM-120A/B’s maximum* range) the R-27ER likely beats it to target by ~18-20 seconds, so the active seeker is irrelevant because the R-27ER will kill the launching aircraft before the missile can achieve an independent track. It can then go evasive and dodge the missile effortlessly

Maneuverability is similar too, with the AIM-120 doing ~35g (presumably single plane) while the R27s do 35g as well

AIM-120s can’t track a target until <~20km (real distance is unknown and thus can only be guesstimated)

So the launching aircraft has to maintain a TWS track (stay hot) until the missile goes Pitbull, or it falls back onto inertial navigation and can easily be evaded by simple defensive flying.

AIM-120A/B simply aren’t as effective as you seem to think they would be. They’re out-ranged and out-accelerated by R-27ER. They aren’t ‘fire and forget’ at medium to long range, they simply aren’t all that special.


If both targets notch you can effectively half the ranges used. The SMT can notch at nearly a perfect 90 degrees as well.

A 35km launched AIM-120 against an R-27ER launched at the same time with both targets notching will have ~20 seconds time to target when the R-27ER hits the AMRAAM launch vehicle.


ARHs are guided to pitbull with using TWS.
R-27ERs have IOG for non-locks similar to GBU-24, but it’s not the same.
And yeah, AIM-54 & R-33 are trash compared to AIM-7F/M, but they’re also 1950s/60s ARHs not designed for dogfighting.

R-27R & AIM-7E-2 have similar ranges & dogfight capability. Timeline doesn’t mean anything. R-27R is literally just an AIM-7E-2 with IOG in performance.

I’m glad you trust Mig_23M & I.

AIM-120B has more range because it’s an ARH as all you need is a fraction of a second of lock with AIM-120 to launch it. Range is more than just the paper number.
R-27ER is easy to defeat.

Having more paper range doesn’t mean what you think in matches.

AIM-54 is inferior to AIM-7F/M only within 3nm head-on. After this, it is equal until the AIM-7 runs out of energy at which point it is superior. (This has been reported and should be fixed eventually).

The IOG for R-27 is fantastic, and the datalink allows re-lock capability much longer after AIM-7F/M would have been able to find track again.

R-27R is superior to the AIM-7E-2 in range, significantly. It is also much better dogfight missile with superior monopulse seeker. Akin to AIM-7M.

AIM-120 is highly dependent on TWS track file to support it until it is within active range. Without this support it is ballistic towards last expected point of intercept which is going to cause a miss against an aware target.


F-15 and F-16 engine temps should be reduced from 977 celsius to 935 celsius.

Also, the F-15 should have automatically deploying takeoff / landing flaps if you didn’t raise them after takeoff yourself.


Engine temps


Thanks for this context, I appreciate it.

No-IOG shouldn’t cause a self-destruct as quickly as it does but I don’t think anyone reported this as of current.

This is why I think R-27ER Vs AIM-120>C-5 is balanced. Besides the R-27ER can be launched using TWS (I have heard) so it can be launched using TWS at long range and the target can be locked onto at 20km (which is the Pitbull range of the 120’s.

R-27R Vs AIM-7P is balanced.

I have already begun reporting missiles that should not self-destruct on break-lock.


R-27ER vs AIM-120C-5 and newer would be unbalanced. The AIM-120C-5 would just eat alive R-27ER slingers and have multi-launch capability against multiple targets.

The early F-15A MSIP program allowed TWS track of a single target at a time for AIM-120A/B initially… honestly an interesting compromise.

Whatever the case, it’s up to Gaijin.

Exactly my point. there is a massive favour towards the Russians. They have the best SARH and IR homing missiles along with having a HMD well before any decent Western aircraft had them.

For now the only way for the USA to become competitive against the Russians is the AIM-9X BLK 1 and the AIM-120C-4.

Top tier was power crept way to hard and way too quickly

AIM-9X is absurd, and the AIM-120C-4 isn’t necessary.
The AIM-9M is sufficient, they should just get the AIM-120A/B right now. That would solve a lot of issues.


The best IR missiles go to AIM-9M and soon to be AAM-3.
Maneuverability isn’t everything.
Magic 2 & R-73’s lower-FOV IRCCM is still easily flared compared to 9M & AAM-3’s IRCCM.

There’s a discussion to be had here but I’m too tired to think of any counterpoints here. From what I can tell the block 1 -9X should be on par with the R-73. But for now a better version of the 9M should be added in along with a Br increase to 14.0 or something. Su-27 Vs FGR.2 is a very good idea and we need more 70’s designed aircraft Vs 50’s designed aircraft.

Yes of course maneuverability isn’t everything so is speed, drag, and motor. AAM-3 definitely beats the R-73 in the latter. But AAM-3 will not pull a 100° turn to hit a target moving parallel to the firing aircraft

Besides the AIM-9M seeker is much easier to flare than the R-73 at every range.

This comment is absurd. There are two entire generations of IRCCM between current missiles and AIM-9X type seeker.

The AIM-9X is capable of 90°+ off-boresight.

AIM-9M we have in-game is already performing as it should, if not overperforming. There is no better model of it that can come. “Push-ahead” if modeled as it should be would be very easy to defeat compared to what it has now.