F-15 Eagle: History, Performance & Discussion

I don’t know off the top of my head, I presume they could but unsure if it was considered.

the c definitely can mount sidewinder rail amraams idk about a varients though

8 amraams is a lot of amraams

BOL rails and HMD should be added.

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Thats an F-15E btw

Yes aim-120s on rails for an extra 4 but require LAU-128 pylon

Thats an F-15C, the one you posted had conformal fuel tanks. Making it an E in all likelihood.

yeah i realized, also darker color scheme

i think they would either limit it to 4 amraams or 6 with sidewinders on the outer rails

Those are the two in-board pylons still, I was unsure if it was able to mount them initially on the outboard pylons.

What exactly does the C model improve on other than radar?

operationally i dont think they mounted it with 8 amraams often even though it could, max usually being 6 and 2 winders iirc

not much but that change is quite significant

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engines too

late cs also got apg 70s and some other pretty wacky stuff

8, all amraam capable eagles can carry 8 amraams on all weapon stations.


Funny thing is that those aren’t late C’s. Just late 80s Cs…Most of the improvements on F15s were electronical stuff(Which we wont see modelled)

Does anyone know what the one on the right is referring to? Is it the AN/APG-70?

Dual target for AIM-7M indicates PESA or AESA. I suppose that could refer to the AN/APG-63(V2) which incorporated the AESA.

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