F-14A Tomcat (VF-84) - As seen in "The Final Countdown" (1980)

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F14 VF84 3(1)


VF-84 (Fighter Squadron 84) nickname «Jolly Rogers» is arguably one of the most iconic aviation units of the US Navy, known for their recognizable paint scheme featuring a skull and crossbones (the Jolly Roger). From their founding in 1955 until disbandment in 1995 the unit operated an assortment of aircraft such as FJ-3 Fury, F-8C Crusader, F-4 Phantom II (B, J, & N), and the F-14A Tomcat.

VF-84 were deployed aboard USS Independence during the Cuban missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs invasion, operating the F-8C. They transitioned to the F-4 Phantom II in 1964 and flew 1507 combat sorties during the Vietnam war.

After the transition to the F-14 in 1976 they embarked on their first cruise on USS Nimitz in 1977. The squadron was then prominently featured in the 1980 film «The final Countdown» which propelled the unit and their iconic livery to international stardom.

In 1990 VF-84 deployed to the Gulf War aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt, during which they flew combat air patrols, escorted strike aircraft and performed reconnaisance missions (in total 468 combat sorties).

In 1993 they were once again deployed aboard Theodore Roosevelt, flying reconnaissance missions over Sarajevo as part of Operation Deny Flight during the NATO intervention in Bosnia. VF-84 also partook in Operation Southern Watch, enforcing the no-fly-zone in southern Iraq the same year.

The US Navy had to downsize after the end of the cold war, and VF-84 were one of many squadrons being disbanded. However, the unit managed to make a last appearance in the 1996 film «Executive Decision». The «Jolly Rogers» name and insignia were adopted by VF-103 (formerly «Sluggers»), who carry the legacy of the skull and crossbones to this day.

The camouflage

This suggestion is for the following livery, F-14A Tomcat (VF-84) as seen in the 1980 film «The Final Countdown».

F14A VF84







If they do this, I hope the T6 Texan gets several modifications similar to the TOG II that change its appearance to look more closely like a D3A1, B5N, B6N, A6M, and any other aircraft it was used to imitate since there is a lot of em.


Is the T-6 even in game? Aside from the Aussie-license build Wirraway in the British tree

Nope. Wirraway and Boomerangs are the only ones derived from it exist in the game.

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Why not have flying Pirates. It shall strike fear into the enemy.

All I read the operation it took in Deny flight. I more think this jet decal says your right to flying has been revoked.

We got the fighters we just need the skins hehe +1

Haha yes, that is indeed the motto: “Fear the bones!”

fear the bones

I watched this movie and even though its from 1980 its still a great movie, I would love this because it would be great to see an in game jolly rogers skin in game, BUT unfortunately the design is Basically copyrighted by the Department of defence so unless the snail sucks it up and simply asks for permission to use this just like Ace Combat 7 did it wont be added. But if they add this as a skin then they would have to add it to all us tech tree F4 phantoms too.

YES that would be perfect!