F-14A/B at 11.7/12.0 is too OP

because if it was premium you’d call it pay to win
and screaming day and night to gayjin to nerf it


i say the F-14B should be on BR 13.0 cuz of its AIM-54s


also, still wondering why F-20 at 12.0 while F-14A at 11.7, it’s crazy


lol Sure, and Mig-29 9.12 to 13.0 along with all F-16As, Mirage 2000C, etc.

F-14A and F-14B are balanced.
Phoenix missiles are the worst ARHs in the game currently, easily dodged and chaffed.

F-20 is superior to the F-14A @T0HRU


They are also at a lower BR, and the F-14A faces planes with poor RWR.

I want them to move up, because they shouldn’t be facing the current 10.7-11.0 aircraft. This is also partly a compression issue too.


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It isn’t though.
Phoenix missiles didn’t hit people at altitude before the changes.
Nothing changed except people getting more cocky and safe.

F-14A is a mid 11.7.
And F-14B is an okay 12.0.
Every single 12.3 is superior to F-14B, and F-14B is equal to every single 12.0.

Phoenix missiles haven’t changed, they’re still easy to dodge, they’re still easy to chaff.
The only thing that changed

I see @T0HRU claims the entire WT community is inferior to himself.
Dug his own grave with that statement of his cause I won’t let him live down that comment that he sees himself as a god above all others in the world.

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The multipath changes allowed for them to be quite effective against targets at a much lower alt. The missiles themselves didn’t change, but the mechanics surrounding them did. I want them to be moved up, along with all other 11.7/12.0+ aircraft.

You do not represent the WT community. You need to stop framing yourself as the WT community, because all it does is create miscommunications and arguments.


However, you can see huge smokes from 54s so, it is still possible to dodge it.

Probably 12.0BR F-14A and 12.3BR F-14B is ok, but will need AIM54 rework and better IR missiles.


I never once framed myself as the WT community.
All I did was state a take that I myself didn’t form, AKA it came from the WT community.
You need to read peoples’ insults, and see what they’re directed at.
He’s insulting a take the WT community developed and I repeated, and since I don’t take credit for stuff I didn’t create, I correctly called out his insult that he directed at the WT community’s take. Granted, it’s so far a few dozen people that made the take, likely hundreds, thousands, or more.

The mechanics didn’t change. Chaff and notching are identical, as is “cranking it”.

So you never want to see F-14D added to the game…
Head on only radars have no place at 12.3 and higher to be honest.

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Even though if the F-14Bs received the AIM-9M, the F-14Ds still have a few functions that make them unique just like JDAM and better radar.

In terms of armament, they can receive AIM-7P and AIM-54C+.

Unless Gaijin implements the F-14B(U), the F-14D would not be a pointless addition.

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I have seen people here say that the F-14A should be 12.0 due to the multipathing changes. It clearly isn’t a universal opinion. He insulted you because of your opinion, and your past opinions/comments.

Multipathing changed, which made them better in some ways. It made them more difficult to dodge by flying low. This is the key reason why people want them moved up. They face planes with bad RWRs, and no long range AAMs.


Problem is they doesn’t model 54s correctly.
We should have a choice of Mk.47 and Mk.60 rocket motors and the AIM-54C should not have the huge smokes that we currently have.

Also, both 54s could pull 24 to 25Gs with dual plane.

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Me when I see F-14A have awful RWR.


JDAM does not impact BRs of these aircraft.
And host radar is not as big of a change as you think for anything other than AIM-7s.
AIM-7P is identical in performance to AIM-7M.

These are semi-common facts, and I can back up the AIM-7 with far fewer words than the radar one.

A better host radar will not aid the Phoenix missile more due to the Phoenix radar still being weaker.

People just need to re-learn what they learned 2+ years ago on how to defeat Phoenixes.
This part goes for @Ion_Protogen since he’s making a conjecture argument as well.
Nothing changed on the missile performance side, and yes that includes the multipath.
Multipath isn’t something Phoenixes cared much about for over 6 months now.
It was always notch and chaff, or crank if you don’t have chaff.

“They face planes with bad RWRs.” that still tell you when you’re locked and the direction it’s in.
Why didn’t I die once in my Mirage 3C to any of the dozen or so F-14As I fought against in 2022?
It wasn’t because of multipath being above 60 meters; it was because I engaged an “always locked” mentality. When without RWR, you are always locked.
When in ground RB, you are always launched on.

I know I kept some things secret over the years, but people really do need to learn.
I had to learn this stuff, it’s why I can count how many times I die to radar missiles every month using one hand despite playing over 100 top rank air matches a month.
I know bad RWRs cause I have plenty of planes with them, by all means check my stats for yourself, and they still give enough information to avoid being the victim of a radar missile.

I am sympathetic to the plea of those being fragged by radar missiles; it’s partially why I’m more open to sharing information these days than I was in old-forum days.

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AIM-7M is literally C&P of AIM-7Fs rn.
7Ps could able to reacquire targets instead of self-destructing a few sec after losing them just like R-27ERs. Also, as far as I know, 7Ms should have longer ranges because of lofting.

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The Tomcats are in such an odd spot. The 1972-based F-14A can’t Identify most of the aircraft it faces already, since it’s so much older than them.

That being said, it’s also very strong at 11.7 at the moment, at least compared to before.

So the way I see it there are two options:

  1. wait and see. Lots of BRs are going to get moved around at 10.7-12.3. simply move those aircraft and see how it goes for the F-14. Give players time to adapt

Or 2) move them even higher up, and upgrade their IR missiles to compensate. The A gets 9Ls and the B gets 9Ms.

Either way, the F-14A especially is just going to be a weird aircraft to fly. It’s leagues ahead of anything else from it’s era, but it is also limited by the technology available in that era. Too low and it’s unstoppable, too high and it’s like taking a prop to top tier, everyone else is 20 years more advanced.

Doubt we’ll see this. There were like 18 fitted, and any info is classified as all hell to try to keep the Iranians in the dark. Gaijin will make us come up with a non-existent manual to prove the D could use them.

7F and 7M were already updated last year to not self-destruct right after losing lock.
They now only self-destruct after well over 5 seconds of not receiving a signal.

And last I checked AIM-7P lacks IOG, though I also didn’t find all documents on the missile.
There’s no buddy-lock [datalink] in WT, so that feature is useless on SARHs.

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That’s why I said “few sec”.

Probably, most sparrows documents in post 80s are still classified as far as I know.

Whatever, to makes all F-14s unique, Gaijin can add many things in A2A/A2G including reworking missiles.

Still wating they add additional CM launchers that uses AIM-54 pylons…