F-111A Discussion

@MiG_23M in his “wisdom” decided that since an F-111 beat his precious Mig-23 in a dogfight once it needed the nerf bat. So here we are.


I don’t think I’ve ever been shot down by an F-111 in-game yet lol, took me the better part of a month to pile this report together.

And you certainly won’t be now

So the plane doesn’t live up to your expectations then despite performance stats from proper sources?

I wish the forums till had the laughing emote now-a-days.

“Proper” sources he hides, and very specific tastes in bug reporting. Anything but Russia.

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Can’t you see the documents on the bug report site?

Keep memeing and I ain’t gonna help to bug report the Abrams and other problems… and I’ll fix the Su-27. You don’t want that.

What’s wrong with the Su-27? (also as a sidenote is it supposed to be called Su-27S? I read the 27S was the version with AL-31F engines and thats the one we have in game)

Su-27 is severely underperforming with specific excess power. Horizontal sustained turns appear correct but energy loss with additional AoA or climbing / diving during the turn is way too high. There are basic dimensional issues as well with the flight model which need corrected.

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Literally go to avialogs and look at the F-111 documents, it was HILARIOUSLY overperforming.

Oh no, a totally unbiased person threatening to do totally unbiased things.

Edit: You have no ability to make the Abrams armor better, in the same way you had no part in the reload buff. Stop bloating your significance.

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Roger, wilco

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CCRP in and of its self is nearly useless in SIM. (Without a TGP)

They need to have your mission marker appear on the map or better yet let you set it from the map

F105D out performs the F111A in-game now. It can’t carry as much payload but it’s faster and can actually manage to deliver that payload where as the F111A is so slow now it is often forced it to take full fuel and loiter for ages for bases to respawn (not fun). Add to all of that that the F105D is .3 BR lower and rarely faces SARH threats and it is simply more fun to play and better for farming. Really disappointed.

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According to info I got from a former F-111 pilot, the aircraft’s HUD very well had a visual representation of a targets heading, which is so badly missing in WT.

Working on a useable bug report about this, hope to have it done this week…