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The legendary F-111A is finally being added to War Thunder, this is the place to discuss errors in the flight model, innacuracy with weapons or things that Gaijin has overlooked in its development thus far.

So far I have found proof of the F-111A carrying the AIM-9J and have bug reported it, feel free to add any information you may have.

If the F-111A had AIM-9Js the BR would likely go up to 10.7, which does not pose much of an issue and would be excellent for all the aircraft at 9.3, which are largely incapable of fighting even an AIM-9B equipped F-111A.

Bug Report: Gaijin.net // Issues

111 a 9j

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Are there actually any primary source documents available detailing F-111A performance? So far the closest I’ve seen is someone posting an F-111E (basically F-111A but with new intakes) manual. And the speed / g limits in that manual were pretty terrible (660 kts & 5.8g).

The F-111A manual is available, however the most recent version of it that I found available was from 1977.

For those looking for websites with relevant aircraft information here are a few good websites:



Saw on a livestream the engines are labeled as “J75” instead of “TF30”. Probably just a placeholder card but can anyone confirm? I’m not able to get on the dev server at the moment.

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its a derivative of the correct engine TF-30-3


The F-111A manual is available, but as I said it does not contain the performance data section (as that was contained in a different manual for the F-111A). The 1977 manual you mention is a for the FB-111A, which has a redesigned fuselage, longer wings, and more powerful engines than the F-111A, so you cannot use the performance data from the FB-111A manual for the F-111A.

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considering how disappointing the 9J is I don’t think there should be a problem in adding them


9J means higher BR.

9b means the BR would be done only over the Air-Ground ability

I think they try to add the USA a similar MiG-23BN from germany, a high speed CAS at low BR (there is F-105 already,…)

For the facts over the 9.3, F-111A won’t been able to dogfight 9.3 aircrafts to gun range, because of characteristics. (Considering real abilities of F-111 vs Mirage F-1, which happenned,… the Mirage F-1 was closing in for a Missile kill, before being shot down by a F-15, coming from behind the F-111 initial path)

But as F-104 are 10.3 already, the aircraft might go Higher BR, even without the 9J,… however, it would be too high considering toptier ennemy, if it keeps 9B,…

The real solution would have been to remake the whole JET ERA RANGE about their BR, to extend the CURRENT up to 15.0


Aim 9J would mean a BR of 10.7 minimum.
10.7 means 11.7 can be seen.
10.7 means more all aspect missiles with more manoeuvrability.
10.7 means Roland is more frequent on GRB.
I don’t think you’d like that.

Roland have been nerfed recently,… sooo

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People will still complain.
There’s tons of other missile systems and even more aircraft that will prey on the VARK in 10.7.
Don’t ruin a plane that not even here yet.

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Well tbh, F-111 should be fighting SAM as balancing issue.

The capability of such aircraft as A-G aircraft is far superior to other 10.3 aircrafts, because it can climb easily over the SAM range.

same as mig 23 bn


MiG-23BN only have 2 KH-23M AGM type, and unguided bombs/rockets → 0 AAM
The gun have 250 rounds of 23mm caliber

F-111A have access to:
GBU’s (10/12/15/28)
And even the AGM-130 (which is a rocket boosted GBU-15)

And a potential M61 20mm gun, feeded by more than 2000 rounds.

With unprobable but possible:
CBU’s (not implemented)
6x AGM-69 (Mach between 2.8/3.2; with thermonuclear warheads of 7kt or 210kt in strategic variant.)

F-111C worse maneuverability than all other variants

Maneuverability of every F-111 should be 7.33 and -3 G, expect for the F-111C, which has only 6.5 and -3 G, and FB-111A with 3 and -1 G.


Should the F-111 have the AN/AAR-34 missile warning system? Or was that only on later variants?

yk now that i think about it… it should get its maximum loadout with AGM and 9J and everything.
move it to 11.0 like the Su-17/22

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I expect gajin consider add F-111D & F-111E with AIM-9J better and is the best choice

Actually F-111A, F-111D & F-111E never equipped AN/AVQ-26 Pave Track, never employed GBU-10/GBU-12 Paveway II LGB, GBU-15, GBU-28 Laser-guided bunker busting bomb & AGM-130

Someone posted a page from the flight manual claiming the maximum g allowed was 5.8g:

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Maximum allowed is not the same as structural capability, so it doesn’t matter. AFAIK the pic I posted is the (maximum) structural capability, while the allowed is probably lower due to whatever reasons not applicable to the game.