F-111A Discussion

Presented as limits from structural capability. Not sure what source the screenshot you have used comes from but its unlikely that it supercedes the manual.

Structural capability won’t be as high as modern fighters, that’s for sure,…

The 111A and D didn’t for sure. But I’m fairly certain that during Desert Storm Es used Pave Tack.
I could be wrong, though.

Es are a reworked A with the intakes changed.

They did carry Pave Tack, but it was primarily the 111Fs that took the lead.

Yeah that’s what I thought. Basically just a 111A with all the armament options.
Some were fitted with TF30-P-109s with 93kN thrust (compared to 82 for the P-3 and 112 for the P-100) which could be a good way to slightly buff flight performance.

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I think an addition id like to see is the F-111F variant with 25,000ibs of thrust to make up for its energy bleed. maybe it could help balance the missiles by keeping the 9Bs and allowing the extra 8,000ibs of thrust to compensate for not having good missiles to begin with. Maybe even make it a premium?

Worst idea ive seen in a long time

F-111F should be end line TT material with all the goodies it had irl. AIM-9M/GBUs/LGBs/Mavs


Just an idea, didn’t mean to bust your balls about it. It would still be neat to see better variants of some of these aircraft like how they did with the phantoms. Besides, there’s not much else to put in the American bomber line up anyways. And if that makes you mad then shower about it ig.

I wonder if they will ever add a ‘fuel dump’ for the F-111 since it might be helpful to lose some last minute fuel weight in case for certain dogfight or combat scenarios in Air RB.

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And having an Extra large Flare caliber aswell ^^"

I’d really just be happy if they implemented a CCRP display also for 3D cockpit view, as the CCRP function ironically is completely useles in SIM…

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Would that actually in theory work though? I’d imagine having a gigantic continuous stream of fire expelled right between the main engines would leave a nice IR trail signature for any AAM to track and hit the F-111A extremely easily even on non-afterburner.

What about you double tap it when being in good position to to do so,…
It would not work if you’re in a straight with,… but in dogfight, within some 90° situations, this could be an alternative after you lost all flares

Additionally, I have a question about the gun pods.
I noticed that the wings were fixed when attaching gun pods.
is it accurate or glitch?

Anyone have documentation on the flight performance of this thing? Seems kinda’ good in-game lol

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How’s everyone feeling about today’s nerf? The changelog states its sustained turn rate is decreased but doesn’t explain why its now so slow. It can’t break Mach 1.09 on the deck.

What payload are you bringing that it can’t exceed 1.09 mach? I’m flying it easily up to 1.19 with Sidewinders and the gun.

The same loadout I few yesterday and the 100 other flyouts before that allowed me to also go 1.19 which is 13x750ibs 4xAIM-9s and the gun. Before today 1.19 was easily achievable and actually caused problems in requiring me to slow down to be able to drop my bombs. Now i cant even get fast enough for that to be a problem. So a change as been made to drag or speed. The fuel amounts have also changed. Previously was 41 (Min fuel), 46min, 1 hour, and whatever the 2 hour one was. Now its just 45min, 1 hour etc. Also seen no note of this change in the logs.

Yes, the aircraft was adjusted per the documentation available. It was significantly overperforming. Drag was increased, sustained and instant turn rates lowered, climb rate reduced…

The F-111 now performs as it should. On the bright side, don’t be too concerned about any further changes… I’ve been testing and it appears to be accurate to the charts now.