F-104S Needs the AIM-9P4


The F-104S was recently at 10.7 and it stomped. But this was not because it was good, instead it was because the SU-25 was 9.7 and a premium causing 9.7-10.7 matches only in the br range. Why should the F-104S suffer because you guys can’t place premiums at the right br. It’s now sits at 11.0 and is probably the worst 11.0 in the game, most things have PD or MTI radars and or all aspect missile, but this thing has neither and it’s not even the fastest plane at its br. Also, the ADTW lacks a PD radar or all aspects as well, but it does get 4 radar missiles and they don’t take the place of something important. The F-104S is an all-around bad plane at 11.0 and AIM-9P4’s might help a bit.


It would be nice, but I wonder how would it be compare to F-104S.ASA. Would it have 6x AIM-9P-4 or only 4x AIM-9P-4 + 2x AIM-9P because with first variant it could be potentially better than F-104S.ASA. It is true, AIM-9P-4 are still worse than AIM-9L but having 6 all aspect missiles could make it better plane as AIM-9P-4 are still solid missiles.

I would also want to see F-104S and F-104S.ASA being foldered now that italy has hungarian sub tree and there are a lot more planes at rank VII.

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Either move it to 10.7 or give it the AIM-9P4

pls gaijin

That was my only problem but it does have an MTI radar but cants take guns with radar missiles aswell but it could most definitely take 6 AIM-9ls

At this stage they should just get AIM-9L/Is. The GR.7 and harrier II has 9M as well with a much better airframe and CAS loadouts.



But does Italy have the aim9p4?

Im pretty sure the F-104S used them if not then give it AIM-9Ls cause i know they used that

Turkey probably had them. If we go “historical” way, Italian F-104S and F-104G should lose their AIM-9J, which were added in the past to make them competitive and because technically they could use these missiles, though it should be in exchange for lower br of course.

Make a suggestion.

well F-104S used AIM-9Ls

the F-104S used AERO-III rails, the 9L uses the Common rail, the F-104S did not use 9Ls and even then Italy never rated the central rails for anything past 9B so giving the ASA 2 extra missiles just to have P4s on the S and TAF is not the best idea, at least in my opinion

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Yeah, but this is gaijin they aren’t known for being historical with secondary weapons.