Exclusive YouTuber/Content Creator Decals & Decorations

For those @Mehaven @Willys_Jeep1 who did not receive CC decals, you need to contact Support.
You will need to give them your purchase ID and the url of the CC you used for the purchase, and optionally show them your decal library under “logotype” that you don’t have the missing decal. Then they will proceed to verify and add it manually.

Unfortunately it is an unfixed and recurrent issue for me. It happened to me again during the last New Year sale. Gaijin Support first said “Two unreceived decals out of dozens of others do not make this a common issue”.
After I provided a very long history of previous ticket during the last Summer sale showing them same issue with many test purchases, they still dismissed it as “Those might be temporary glitches”.

Long story short, to Gaijin Support’s credit, they will help you to recover missing CC decals, but will not fix or even acknowledge the issue. So be prepared that you will need to send Support a ticket EVERY TIME to “redeem” a missing CC decal.

@TheElite96 it’d be much appreciated if you can communicate with Gaijin Support regarding that multiple accounts are affected by this missing CC decal issue.

I will pass it up the line but can’t guarantee anything.

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So I just did something stupid and accidently made a purchase using a partner code that doesn’t yet provide the decal. Will I receive that decal once it goes live, or will I need to make an additional purchase?

You will need to purchase it with the link again once the decal is live

You win today, Snail.


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Hi, yes im aware. That discord screenshot is actually my post on discord for this table. :) I will not be adding the decal to the table because it is unrelated. (Not a partner promotion)

Here is the full, uncropped version


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Lul xD

What discord server is that in?

If I had to quess i would say the CC DC?

It’s the Discord I made for this table, mainly for reporting issues and sharing news more efficiently. It’s linked on the table.
@LostAffinity ^

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Theres a new registration link tied to the esports stream


  • Premium Tuck’s Gladiator Mk II Fighter (Britain)
  • eSports camouflage for Tuck’s Gladiator Mk II
  • Premium Pz.II C (DAK) Light Tank (Germany)
  • eSports camouflage for Pz.II C (DAK)
  • Premium PT-3 Motor Torpedo Boat (USA)
  • eSports camouflage for PT-3
  • ‘War Thunder eSports’ decal
  • ‘eSports Enjoyer’ title

Sadly it seems to be limited to new players and returning players, so the skins are unavailable to currently active players

As the table (currently) doesn’t contain any camouflage listings, it is pointless to include this for now into this project. The eSports decal is already on the table under a different promotion.

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I don’t know what I’m supposed to see but when I click on the link in the table, I get brought to the gaijin store, and I don’t see anything involving the decal it’s just the regular store with premiums and golden eagles, nothing else.

This link doesn’t give any decal :-)


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Since when is the file no longer downloadable? It is helpful to download it so that one can mark those one has already.

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For me its still possible