War Thunder Store+, a better way to shop


WTS+ unofficially extends the official Gaijin store’s functionality to bring a better experience for shoppers.

This extension is not developed, supported or maintained by the developers at Gaijin Entertainment. This extension is developed, supported and maintained solely by AJR, who is not a Gaijin Entertainment developer. All translations were done by the help of machine translation software and may not be accurate. This extension does not have any monetary gain. The PayPal link in the extension is for users to show independent support if they so wish and will not grant any benefits.


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  • Adds content creator discounts, packs, registrations, and redeemable codes.

redeemable preview gif

  • Adds video reviews / gameplay to all War Thunder store packs

  • Adds an approximate indicator when the next sale is.


  • Adds total to purchase history.

  • Adds indication of which creator you are supporting with the discount link for the next hour, with an appropriate cooldown lock (enforced by Gaijin).

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  • Shortcut to your profile statistics and market purchase history as quality of life.

  • Multi-language support.

  • Changelog directly in the browser to follow active development.

Support/Community Discord:

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Want to get in contact with me and leave a suggestion / translation correction? Best way to do that is to join the Discord server.

Special Thanks:

read the names of people that made this possible

@TheElite96 - for maintaining this wonderful spreadsheet and this forum discussion for content creator referrals.
@CptShadows - for creating and maintaining this insightful reddit post on all the occurrences of sales the past decade.
@TheRealAJR (me) - coding and bringing you this extension.


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This extension values privacy and it will not collect or use your data, and never will.

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About AJR:

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I am a freelance developer with experience in almost everything. I am certified in app development with private projects under my name, such as a app that solves the struggles DayZ server admins face by streamlining the process and adding monitoring tools, and worked on a Stable Diffusion API platform most notably. I am familiar with web development, and decided to make this, my first ever web extension, to solve common issues I see the community face by putting it all in one convenient place - the official store. If you would like to see me create more tools for the community and you have just the thing in mind, let me know and I will see what I can do! :)

This unofficial extension supports all major browsers. Installing and using it is as simple as visiting your browser’s extension store linked below and installing it. Safari is not supported.

Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc.)


Note: You have to allow read/write always for this extension on the site when prompted for
it to work correctly. By clicking the above links and installing this extension you understand
it’s unofficial and not developed by Gaijin Entertainment.



Wow, this is an incredibly nice extension you have created! Wonderful job and thank you so much for utilizing my table. I am always happy to see it get used by so many people and now even more so. I wanted to let you know that my profile link is out of date on the extension as it is my old forum profile. My new one is https://forum.warthunder.com/u/TheElite96/



Very nice, really appricate all the hard work gone into this plugin +1