Everything wrong with the Eurocopter Tiger helicopters as of “Seek & Destroy” Major Update

This thread will be used to discuss about the French Eurocopters; what has been reported, and eventual fixed reports.
Here, a list of all the current active reports, including the one that got fixed this update.

Current Issues on every Eurocopter:

Issues Relevant only to French Eurocopters (HAD, HAP, HAD Block 2):

Issues Relevant only to the Eurocopter HAD Block 2:

Issues Relevant only to the Tiger UHT, courtesy of @Godvana:

Fixed Issues in Alpha Strike:

Fixed Issue in Seek & Destroy:

Remarks :
As you guys know, a bug report requesting the addition of the HMSD Top Owl on the French Tiger is pending. Good news ! HMD is being added to the French Tiger helicopters with “Seek & Destroy” Major update. However, the HMS still isn’t being added (the ability to cue & slave Mistral / Stinger missiles the same way AH-1Z is able to). That’s the only fix coming for the Tigers this patch it seems …

Personally, I really hope the Devs fix the bug with the targeting position, making it impossible to guide missile near terrain as soon as possible.

Would love to see if this thread can gain some visibility, so Developers can take a look at the issues and fix some of them.

Thanks for passing by!

Thanks to @WaretaGarasu for letting me reclaim his old Dev thread about this matter.


Great work puttin this together bud!!


Neat ! Finally an EC665 thread for all variants ! The old one got killed as it was dev server, but there are so many things to talk about.
For example, why can’t we have Mistral 2 ?


@WaretaGarasu is to thanks for that !

I did a number of the bug reports in this thread though.

Or Mistral variants for that matter !

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Good job putting all of this together man. Helicopters are often overlooked like Navy

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It’s literally been 5 years since britain got a tech tree heli and when we got one recently it was a damn Wessex HU. This patch I think they won’t even add a heli, and if they do it will be neglected.

Good job !

Lot of work to do, hope things gonna be resolved in a good way !

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What puzzles me is that Gaijin seems to be more proactive in fixing the mistakes of the French Air Force than those of the French Army and Army Aviation (even though they haven’t fixed many mistakes of the Super Étendard). I’m curious about what caused this difference.

Missed quite a few tiger uht specific ones, like
Pars 3 direct fire mode
Pars 3 proxy fuze not existing
Lack of mistral missles.
The capability to equip missle pods and rocket pods on the outer pylons
Might be some other missing stuff

But all considered and since you seem to be more french specialised it looks good