Everybody telling me I haz a lot of armor

The 35mm overpressure bug is a tale as old as time. I remember overpressuring an Obj 279 with my Type 87 years ago.

Sure, this could be easily fixed by adding a flag to low caliber ammo to prevent it from overpressuring armored targets, but maybe I’m making too much sense.

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279 is effectively an M60 that goes fast and fires APCBC instead of APDS.

Yes, I’ve also been killed by the Japanese sportscar frontally lol no idea how it got in there, jokes aside, so consider me getting Gaijin’d?

The armor is way too overrated by pretty much everyone who never played it, in reality you can’t even afford to take a hit from any 8.3s and even Leopard 1 can lolpen you with the HEATFS, you just learned to not take the risk the more you play after dying to those shots that you think you could take lol

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I meant the SPAA, not the RCVs. Same guns as the ItPsv that just killed you here, with the exact same problem of having an HE round slip through some armor hole, or a desync, end up inside the tank you’re shooting at, and instantly overpressure them due to the >200g of TNT equivalent in the shell.

To be clear, this affects every tank, although those with armor holes more specifically (The Centurions were infamous for this issue back in the day).

HEATFS always lolpenned 279, and that’s the reason for all my deaths.
If I played 279 today I wouldn’t have a lineup, and I’d just get penned by everything.
So it sits doing nothing cause there’s nothing for it to do.

Issue is that gaijins physics simulation breaks once enough impacts happen quick enough. You can manage to get a lot of bs shots done with the Ostwinds as well

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An extremely expectable AlvisWisla take. Funny as always.

Why does everyone dog on him? Like just because he has different point of view than you doesn’t mean you can just go dogging on him as if not having another care in the world… Like this is a person, a human being, same as you and I, at lease I hope so. Some of the comments I’ve seen directed towards him have been very unhuman… not to say this one was, this one was way more toned down


My experience against 279s is fragging them far more than they fragged me using HEATFS from 7.7 - 8.7.
And using my 279, getting one-shot by HEATFS slingers from 7.7 - 8.7.

I stopped using the 279 cause everything at 9.0 is better than it and USSR doesn’t have a 9.0 lineup.

Well, by the way that one consistently writes, you can easily tell the bias present. There’s also the fact that trolls are common, and whether the intention is genuine argument (though misinformed) or tomfoolery is often hard to conclusively answer.

Saying something like “279 is effectively an M60” with some differences doesn’t contribute much to the discussion, and is likely to be a bad faith argument falling in the former category. People can express their opinion on the forum, and others can counter them within reason; this is only normal.

9.0 Russia is actually a fine, but small, lineup. BMP-3, as with all the other BMPs, is amazing. T-62M-1, while seeming very mediocre, is one of my favorite tanks because 3BM28 is one of the best rounds at this BR, and mobility and protection are both decent.

A three tanks lineup isn’t ideal, but if you’re like me then you either won’t die three times or you have several hundred backups lying around

BMPs are mid in performance and ugly to boot.
So no, still not a lineup.
Then again, I’m spoiled by Italy, Sweden, Israel, Britain, China, and France for superb 9.3 lineups.

that isn’t an overpressure

That’s what I thought, wasn’t it a ricochet into the LFP from the track?