Event vehicles: keep or sell?

Hello everyone!

What is the opinion on the event vehicles that have been added to this Winter Event? Should they be kept or sold?
What do you guys think it’s going to be the selling price of the event vehicles?

This is a very naive question because different event vehicles will sell for vastly different prices and some are really good and worth keeping, while others are not.

I asked this question specifically on the current Winter Event, not any other.

For the current ones, I’d say that the Mirage 2000 C S4 is worth keeping if you don’t have the Mirage 2000 C S5, the Vilkas is bad, sell it, and the USS Mississippi is America’s best battleship right now, but it’s likely going to get a tech tree counterpart soon, so I’m not sure on that.

The Mirage 2000 C S4 is my personal favorite though. I had a hugely fun time spading it, but it is just a Mirage 2000 C S5 with 36 less countermeasures.

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I’m still thinking of activating the Mirage, talisman it and grind the rest of the tech tree. (Currently at rank 5), but I am very much in doubt and seeking more opinions. Thanks for sharing yours.

Talismaning it won’t make it a premium. It’ll have premium-like research efficiency, but only for ranks 7 and 8 like a normal tech tree or event vehicle. For ranks 5 and 6, it’ll be terrible at researching them.

Vilkas is a good fit for the 10.3 German lineup, so I’d keep it
I dont do boats so IDK on the Mississippi other than its the top BR for Battleships which is neat
The Mirage 2000 C-S4 is nearly identical to the S5 and does pretty well from what I’ve seen, so that ones a keep until there’s about 20 left on the market then sell

Waiting for 20 Mirage 2000 C S4s to be left will be years. The problem with the Vilkas is that its Spike-LR2s only sometimes work and you need to be pretty far away for them to work. Plus, the gun isn’t that good.

Sell. Nothing good.

Its a star event my man, crafting event vehicles go for more for a reason.
Wait until the Mirage is above 40$ on the market before you start listing it for GJ coin
On the Vilkas yes the Spikes arent good (FFS Gaijin top attack missiles attack the TOP of the tank, they dont loft to then dive into the drivers port), but they are good at sniping helos and slow flying stuff like the Su-25 and A-10 if they dont move too much. The Vilkas is a flanking and spanking tank, I’d use it as such rather than something you use in headon fights

This is not necessarily true. It depends on what you want. The Mirage 2000 C S4 and USS Mississippi are objectively great vehicles, but the Mirage 2000 C S4 is just the tech tree Mirage 2000 C S5 with 36 fewer flares and the USS Mississippi will probably have a tech tree counterpart soon.

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I don’t use the VIlkas head-on. It’s still pretty mid.

Dunno what to tell you then

thanks to boters marketplace is not what it used to be.
it is flooded with recent vehicles and their prize is too low to bother selling.
id keep it, unless i really dont need it.

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Hold on to it. Prices of event vehicles like this start mid, spike low as the bulk hits the market, then starts to climb as supplies run out. In economic terms, it’s a comodity with a hard limited supply and slow but endless demand.

Keep it long enough, and even fairly uninspired, mediocre vehicles can fetch a nice price. My T-10A is up to around 50 GJN at this point, and my 234/1 is over 40. The only exception tends to be ships, as the demand is much lower for Naval vehicles, so the price rises much slower. However, for the Vilkas and Mirage, I expect they’ll climb up to 40 GJN before too long if you hold them.

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Why people ask these ehm questions?
Like vehicle → keep.
Do not like vehicle → sell.
Simple as.

How do you find out if you like the vehicle without forfeiting the ability to sell it?

Sell everything obviously

Surely you’d have an idea of whether you wanted the vehicle or not before you started the ridiculous grind to get it

No, because I usually don’t find the “grind” rediculous and I do have the option of selling it anyway. I currently have two battle pass vehicles with conversion/free pass coupons in my inventory and am not sure either.