Event vehicles: keep or sell?

in mirage case if you have full TT of France air just sell it you don’t need to use it anyway

That is the easy decision.

But take Newport News. I decided not to use it myself and ultimately could exchange it for the De Moins. Which is the sensible decision from my pov.

Test drive.
Past similiar vehicle experience.
Nations you play.
Youtube videos.

I mean come on.

When will the event vehicles be available on the Gaijin Market?

“Prizes received in the form of tradable coupons will be available for trading on the Market from January 12th 2024.”

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Vilkas - Keep

Mississippi - Keep

Mirage - Sell/whatever

Just leave it in your inventory if you dont plan to play it.

Hey, was wondering, can’t find the info, when will we be able to sell them if we wanted to?

It’ll say on your vehicle if you upgraded it, I have 2 days left

Why can’t I sell the Mirage 2000 event vehicle when I have had it in the shop for 10 days? I press the sell button in the store and it says that I have nothing :(