Event star - data collection (CONCLUDED)

So, because some people decided to paint this new format as the second coming of antichrist and went great lenghts about how this event is impossible to complete, decided to record with use of google sheets how long does it take me to reach 22.5k daily required score / one whole star.

Game mode: Realistic battles

Lineup I used:


Time is rounded because i couldnt be bothered with seconds.

I plan to do this again on monday but running 5.7 either US or UK lineup and record it exact same way, will hold my judgment until then.

One thing i will say tho is that time required for 22.5k daily required score is pretty much exactly what I expected and almost nothing changed when compared to winter event.

EDITED ON 4/2/2024

DISCLAIMER: Originally i wanted to record and log data playing the US/UK 5.7 lineup with regards to monday-tuesday star, but plans changed and I will be out of town on work related trip, ergo I will have no time to play at all. Thus I recorded using 5.7 US lineup today.

Game mode: Realistic battles

Lineup I used:

Note: While theres Blackcat, Cobra King and Bostwicks P-47, they are identical to their TT counterparts beside premium bonuses and as such they could be switched with their TT counterparts and achieve similiar results.


EDITED ON 7/2/204

thanks to @iMatty01 for recording the data on his arcade rank VII game

Game mode: Arcade


M1128 MGS, M1A1, M247, IPM1, M1A1HC


note that times highlighted in red take into account literal nap he took between 13:25 and 17:29. This higlights an issue that sardinha08 pointed out that not everyone has the same habits, thus i provided both times.


Just another player bragging about how fast he did the event while completely ignoring the fact that most players don’t play both the rank and the game mode he plays.

Events should be designed for the average player, not for a pseudo elite.


im not bragging, im simply providing data.

If anything, looking at my stats, i am average player.


Right… 🙄

I’m sorry but “the average player” I’m talking about is the player that represents the typical War Thunder player, not from a pseudo elite group that represents a minority in the game.


again, im just providing data. no one particular is being attacked in the post nor the way they play.

which is?



Not the one that plays top tier Ground RB, that is for sure. I’m talking about the average player in the entire game, not the average player that plays top tier Ground RB.


The events are not meant for everyone. They are for people willing to spend their three hours a day to do them. The rest have to buy the vehicle of these that put effort into it and grinded it. You have a choice,either grind it yourself or buy it off the market.


which is still no one in particular?

and how this average player in the entire game look?

Is that your opinion or is that Gaijin’s official position about events? I never said “for everyone”, I said that events should be designed for “the average player” not for a few of a pseudo elite. Fits you, right? For events that are not meant for everyone we already have tournaments.

Yet, I see “average players” saying it only took them 130min.

That’s another thing that got changed along the way, in the past events were meant for players that really liked to earn those vehicles, now they are mostly made for those that like to profit with them.

I really didn’t knew that, thanks a lot for telling me.


and as such, gaijin made harder to obtain the sellable coupon, while players that want both air and ground reward now dont have to grind 40k a day but only 22.5k a day.

makes sense.


Look at my spaded top tier lineup with expert crew and thousands of hours experience in the game that allow me to grind the event efficiently, this is totally representative of the average player because I am also definitely average

It’s baffling how many people have just zero consideration for other people and actual average players whilst endlessly proclaiming how they are average or below average whilst clearly not being that.


Either waste your time or your money, what a great event you’re vouching for.


Answered from the point of view of someone that uses events not to earn unique vehicles but to profit with them, you just proved my point.

Makes so much sense now.

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i still have to hear or see what is average player.

I have average stars on most of my vehicles and actually below average stats on most of my planes. thats not average?

If you don’t know what an average player is, how do you determine your below average stats?


and you figured that out exactly how?

I would more be interest how many people unironically is doing this event (not paying for stars) and how many completed it.

I’m of the opinion of 45K not being terrible, but being too much for most. I’m fine, but it’s too much for many people. The other issue with your data collection is you used a top tier lineup which not everyone has access to. Not everyone has access to rank 6+ so they may not get that max bonus.


Id say 50% winrate and 1.0 K/D on vehicle or plane with more than 100 battles is average.

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which is why, as i stated in the post, i plan to continue collecting the data in this way on monday using 5.7 US or UK lineup.