[Event] Earn the Jaguar IS in the Sword of Justice Event!

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War Thunder’s regular cycle of events is continuing, and today we’re announcing the aircraft event. Show off your piloting skills to earn mission points to receive unique decals, a profile icon and the formidable Indian Jaguar IS, known as Shamsher (Sword of Justice)!

From February 22nd (11:00 GMT) until March 11th (11:00 GMT), earn mission points in Air Battles, unlock stages and receive rewards!

Jaguar IS — an event vehicle Strike Aircraft for Great Britain at Rank VII

Meet the Indian variant of the British Jaguar, also known as the Sword of Justice. It features just one cannon instead of two, plus a targeting pod with a thermal imager allowing it to drop guided bombs. In addition to this, it can carry a pair of Magic 2 air-to-air missiles on overwing pylons, and also features an RWR and countermeasures against missile threats. Overall, a great all-round aircraft!

“Jaguar Pilot’s Patch” decal “Jaguar Pilot’s Patch” decal
“No. 5 Squadron Patch” decal “No. 5 Squadron Patch” decal
“Dogfighting Pilot” profile icon “Dogfighting Pilot” profile icon

Among the rewards in the event is also this chest, where, when opened, brings the chance to receive one of the following items:

  • 50,000 - 100,000 Silver Lions
  • Silver Lion and Research Point boosters
  • Random Wagers and Orders
  • Universal Backups (1 - 3)
  • A random camouflage for a vehicle you own
  • 1 day of Premium Account

How to get all rewards

Each stage can be obtained for 45,000 mission points, where every new stage obtained will give you a new reward.

You’re able to earn mission points in Air Battles at Rank III or above in Arcade, Realistic and Simulator Battles. The number of mission points to complete a stage depends on the game mode and the maximum Rank of the vehicle that you use in battle. There’s a multiplier for earning mission points, which is shown in the task description in-game.

You can also earn mission points by using event vehicles that are Rank I and II. Event vehicles that can be used have the name of the event that they were obtainable in on their stat card.

Stages change every two days at 11:00 GMT on February 24th, 26th and 28th; March 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th.

Rewards are given when you complete a specific number of stages

  • For 1 Stage: trophy with a random reward
  • For 2 Stages: one of the decal rewards
  • For 3 Stages: trophy with a random reward
  • For 4 Stages: one of the decal rewards
  • For 5 Stages: trophy with a random reward
  • For 6 Stages: “Dogfighting Pilot” profile icon
  • For 7 Stages: trophy with a random reward
  • For 8 Stages: non-tradable coupon for the Jaguar IS
  • For 9 Stages: 4 random modifications for the Jaguar IS

Discounts on purchasing stages using Golden Eagles

Unfinished stages can be purchased for Golden Eagles, but If you’re significantly close to completing a stage, its price will now be significantly reduced.

Let’s say you have earned 85% of the required mission points to complete a stage, then the price of purchasing this stage will be halved. If you’re near the finish line for a stage and are at 95% progress, then the price will be reduced by five times. For example, if you’ve scored 39,000 mission points, then the price for unlocking this stage will be 499 Golden Eagles. If you’ve scored 43,000 mission points, then you’ll only need to pay 199 Golden Eagles. Remember to keep this in mind if you cannot complete a stage on time!

The Upgrade for coupon

When you complete 8 stages, you’ll receive a non-tradable coupon for the Jaguar IS, where using it will immediately activate the vehicle onto your account. If you don’t want the vehicle and would like to sell the coupon on the Market, you’ll need the “Upgrade for coupon” item.

The “Upgrade for coupon” item can be earned in parallel with the stages throughout the event from February 22nd (11:00 GMT) until March 11th (11:00 GMT) for 750,000 mission points.

After receiving the “Upgrade for coupon” item, you can convert a non-tradable coupon for the vehicle into a tradable one and sell it on the Market. The tradable coupon can be sold after 6 days from the moment it’s created.

The “Upgrade for coupon” item is valid until 11:00 GMT on March 14th. Until this time, you can use it or exchange it for War Bonds. Afterwards, it’ll disappear from your inventory.

You can track the progress of completing stages and receiving the “Upgrade for coupon” by clicking on your Nickname > Achievements > Sword of Justice. If you don’t manage to complete a stage on time or would like to purchase a stage, until March 14th from the Achievements window, you can purchase each stage with Golden Eagles which will give you the corresponding rewards.


Still 45,000 score :(
At least its a jaaaaag


Really cool aircraft!

Sadly still the same issue of event points… guys plz. its A LOT of points… have some mercy



Interesting aircraft and a nice profile pic!

Count me in!!!


Ah feck, gunna have to grind for this now aren’t I.

Well, time to dust off the old Buccanneer in SB


nope, not grinding 45k points again


The rewards look great, though I am barely good enough of a tanker to obtain 45,000 points in GRB (which even happens to be my preferred mode) for these events…but my skill at ARB or just AAB…? Ha. Probably going to have to sit this one out…


I’ve been getting it in one session for almost every star.
One one I didn’t was last star cause of slightly more busy than usual.
Air score is far easier to get too. Not the 30 - 60 minutes of the first score event with 35000, but sub-2 hour is still possible.

Do you have any tips on obtaining high scores in Tier III ARB?

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THAT’s actually a great change!

Was this already the case for the last round?

But is there also a game mode multiplier? I thought e.g. Sim had a 3x multiplier in earlier events…


Tier 3? I think it’s to spam out a good gun CAS for ground targets and expect your aircraft to get destroyed a lot.
Maybe you win head-ons every now and then.

Otherwise if you’re a good fighter pilot: P-51s are easy to get kills with in air RB for both air and ground targets.

Might take longer than 2 hours cause jets just make score so much easier, but those are what I’d pick for prop aircraft.
I’d spam Wyvern if that was my only aircraft.

P-47 air arcade is also valid.

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Credit where credit’s due, that is a fantastic change and I’m happy to see gaijin add it.


How is this jaguar different from an ordinary one?
And again, 45k/750k, well done.


your personal experience is not really relevant to the situation. just because you can does not mean everyone else can as well.

Air is easier to get if you can play SB, otherwise the difference is negligible compared to Ground.

the only people who suffer from this are people who already had limited time to play each day and previously barely had the time to get one tradeable coupon. now they wont have time at all. it seems weird to me to prioritize those who already play a lot compared to trying to make those who play less put more time into the game.


another jag? :/


Big props on this!

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Yeah. I am really sad to part ways with our profile picture, but F-16 cockpit is F-16 cockpit I guess.
Honestly wasn’t gonna bother with the Jag until I saw the PP reward.

No, I don’t think so.



Though its a shame its an F-16 cockpit and not a Jaguar Cockpit


Another 45K/750K requirement? Hard pass. Gaijin once again unable to comprehend the player base not being a fan of such a high requirement.

Reminds me of the old workplace joke that the suggestion/feedback box is nothing more than a shedder machine.

Also, another copy-paste vehicle?