[Event] Earn the Jaguar IS in the Sword of Justice Event!

45k per star is decent, not great but decent… but the 750k for the tradable coupon is out of this world… on the current event i have 7 stars, but only ~430k for the coupon, it means that i will gather 90k more score for the remaining stars and still not have enough for the tradable coupon… please lower to at least the equivalent of 9 stars x 45k + one more = 450000 for the tradable coupon… please listen to your community…


Ah yes, still using the 2 day stage cap. Well done Gaijin, you’ll never improve. Count me out of this grind.


so bassically the same vehicle as TT ?


With over-wing Magic 2’s - quite some improvement over the AIM-9G’s of the Gr.1a…

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I know you’re in the middle of the grind, but we’re here to announce more grind!! Because as a company we feel entitled to all of your free time as we’re completely disconnected from reality!!

And we’ve also seen all your complaints and decided not to listen to that as usual!! So here’s another 45k and 750k coupon requirement…yaaay!!

And what about this?

but If you’re significantly close to completing a stage, its price will now be significantly reduced.

Why do you specify being ‘significantly close’'… meaning you only get a discount if you’ve done 85% it sounds like, and even then you still pay 50% of the task for 15% of it.

If you do 50% you cannot get a discount, knowing how Gaijin operates.

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Two questions:

  1. Where is the historical information about the aircraft and its in-game photographs?
  2. Will there be new chests for silver lions, with new content of equipment that has not yet existed (For example, Il-2M Avenger)?
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Well atleast 45k air points is realistically achievable

No?? It has thermals and magic 2s, not even the french one gets magic 2s

45.000 per and 750K for cupon ? OMEGALUL. The OBJ grind is hell to begin with but this going to be worse… My condolences to anyone who will grind air rb .


I didn’t saw it has magic 2s , and I thought the British jaguar also had thermals

Still a copy and paste. Not really worth it.


it can carry magic 2s which no other jag can do, and looking at the art it can also carry 3x GBUs which is different to the Jag GR.1A which can only carry 2,
i do think its going to be a A-7D - A-7K senario, similar / worse flight performance a ta higher BR due to all aspect missile


You sacrifice on gun for Magic 2, 1 more guided bomb and gen 2 pod (also something with rwr, but i dont know what changes there). Good (but the Tiald could be finally changed to Gen2)

Naah, 750k ain’t that bad for air battles. That’s max 25 SB battles or 30-40h of game play. I usually squeeze in 2 ASB battles after work and 10 during the weekend. Making the coupon basically a 1 week long grind.
I unironically hope they make the sellable coupon 1m - 1,5m score for the next event aircraft as it would make it decently valuable on the marketplace.

No? The a7k is only at 10.0 i thought same as the a7e

now lets just wait for the individual devblog to see just how different it is, right now it seems its only Magic 2s, a certainetly higher BR and 3x GBU rather than 2x GBU on the GR.1A, and maybe better engines which would help the jag quite a bit

Time to get myself ready for the grind


a proper jaaaaaag
on a side note someone needs to AI a Top Gear/Grand Tour crew voice mod into existence


What version is it intended to be? DARIN I?

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How do the 4 random modifications work when i want to sell/buy the Jag?
Can i see what modification i get before buying it or would i only get the stock vehicle without modifications?

Also funny that you value the players time for a Discount only after chiming in over 1/3 of the needed points. It would be so much better if its just a steady 1% progress for 1% discount instead of arbitrary stages.

But i should be used to you guys always taking a weird approach instead of the clear and easy one.

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