Eurofighter Typhoon, when in game?

Fair, but it is still capable of it, as it’s a NATO craft, and they are a NATO nation.

Typhoon late 2024 at the earliest due to being superior to what we have now and needs analogues in other tech trees.
Rafale would be added alongside it.

later got air to ground though

The problem with the Rafale is that early variants are still very much ahead of whatever potentially could come in the next few updates whereas the Eurofighter-DA is a stripped down Eurofighter that could come earlier on for countries in-game. The other problem is that the M2K-5F will be able to sustain as a competitive plane for a long while as it has multiple buff options available for Gaijin to use in order to keep it competitive. M2K-5F is already slated to be one of the best aircrafts in the game next patch, and then there’s still a bunch more buffs slated for it to keep it relevant, the same cannot be said for something like F-4F ICE.

early versions of Da are
later versions are functionally a early EFT

F-4F ICE however would be very uncompetitive for Germany as it lacks HMD, and it is an uncompetitive airframe. Italy and UK will be fine for awhile seeing as it has Gripen C with HMD. The only one I see being screwed over in the foreseeable future is Germany unless they add a different country’s aircraft to top tier.

Mind rewording your sentence?

They will get something to fill the gap this could be one of them

I can’t see Gaijin skipping F-4F ICE though, seeing as it’s one of the mainstays of the German Air Force and was their main aircraft in this period of time. Swiss F-18 is what’s necessary, but is it a good choice instead of the F-4F ICE from a historical standpoint?

Yeah I meant the ones without the extra features that give it an enhanced situational awareness over the current airframes in-game, MAWS/LWS/IRST etc. Cause it really doesn’t need it right now given that it’s already a better airframe than anything else in the game.

don’t need to skip the ICE

it would provide a 4th gen with fox 3

Doesn’t it has AESA radar which is too cool for the game right now?

Early ones used mechanical radars, it was actually a while before production Eurofighters used AESA.

You proposing ICE in next update with fox 3s and then Swiss F-18 later on?

The Gripen E isn’t in-game, Hungary has the C variant because the C variant is the export variant.

No they’ve only just gotten AESA Radars and they arent production standard other than the ECRS MK.0 for middle eastern nations.

Instead they used an M-Scan, albeit it is the best M-Scan ever put on a fighter and surpasses some PESA’s in general it still has the standard M-Scan downsides.

Hopefully they add Eurofighter T1, Rafale F.1 standard and the Gripen E (with the M-Scan) as a European trio, perhaps even the SU-33 as it also has canards.

That said, we are nowhere near these aircraft and for good reason.

something like that

Gripen E at one point had M-scan?

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No not that I know of, I say that because the AESA will simply be too good, they could just label it the Raven radar and have it be placeholder from the F-2 or something, but the Gripen E should probably be compatible with an M-Scan PS-05/A radar as it uses the mounting for the PS-05/A MK.4. Kinda like having the German MIG-29 with R27ER even though it couldn’t use them.

Its mostly made up but I’d personally rather they got something so I can have my Eurocanard themed update lol.