Eurofighter Typhoon, when in game?


I have often wondered when the Eurofighter Typhoon will be added to the game. One reason for this was that the J-11 is even older than the Eurofighter Typhoon. In this respect, I think it would be very cool if the Eurofighter and other planes from the time were added in the next updates. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to more new aircraft, especially for Germany.


Last update of 2024 or maybe 2025.


Could be.

best of the luck next update

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Quiet a while I’d assume, but I assumed it’d be years before we get the Gripen E, and here it is in Hungaria, and not Sweden :’ )

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if they the eurofighter they gotta add f18 to USA

And Sweden, so we can have a real β€œend” to the Finnish tech tree.

See here:

Real question is, when will they give France the Rafael?

Well it not like they would compete the f/a18 should come before the Eurofighter

I don’t care about the F/A 18. The Eurofighter is better than most people think.

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Very true


maybe, if the mirage 4000 is not competence with the f18.

as usual USA will get an old version of the f18 but sweden will receive the latest version.

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you know Finnish one will be worse right

and u know how USA always gets the worst from the worst


The Finnish hornets are called F18s as they have no air to ground

i guess sweden will receive the latest gripen version not the f18 since gaijin really love sweden.

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This literally happened to Sweden too, you realize that. We only have the A Gripen, while two nations have the C and E variant.

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Thought they operated the F-18C/D, no?

poor sweden :(

Yeah but they had no air to ground on theirs