Eurofighter Typhoon - Germany's Best Fighter Jet

Eurofighters own magazine.


we need to differentiate wich “unable to” and “didn’t”.
I think this case is much closer to “didn’t”.


Usually photos like that are made in a program rather than an actual photo. I cannot find that photo as a standalone without the graphics on it.

it feels more like you just are completly against the idea of it since you disagree to any prove given

I know its just talking about weapons integration is all.

Not even true. I have a Dassault magazine showing photo of Mirage 2000-5F with 6 MICA EM, but it is not possible IRL even though I’d love if it was and can only carry 4 MICA EM. The point being that photos run through a program aren’t reliable.

Yeah that’s correct. I’m still searching but have not found anything from the Eurofighter consortium or MBDA stating more than 6. We have a direct quote from MBDA stating 6 atm.

I prefer to reply as I go, rather than having to read however many new messages, then have to scroll all the way back up and try to find the one I wanted to reply to.

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Who knows if there are double pylons for GBU, I just haven’t seen this, but in a var thunder it would be very useful to take 6 Gbu of small size + 2 or 4 urvv and 4 amraam.

I cannot find dual pylon for GBU on a flying aircraft, but MBDA did post this picture.

We need to look for more such photos, because this is a very strong plus for the Eurofighter assault.

how many times will i have to explain this?
EF can do a lot of things that it doesn’t right now, not because it is incapable of doing so but because the governments of the users’ countries do not want to spend the money for the integration.
The ONLY limit that might exist in regards to the >6 brimstones is with the computers of the aircraft but I highly doubt that.
Maybe with the T1 EFs which had shittier computers but I just don’t see that being an issue with T2 and up.

the MoD said that. not MBDA. MBDA quoted the MoD

Tornado and Harrier, of all aircraft, carried MORE than 6 with considerably older and shittier computers and avionics in general. There should be absolutely no reason for the more modern Eurofighter to be more restricted

we see these loadouts because they are the most logical

TPOD, Fuel, 6 Brimstones for smaller targets, 2 LGBs for bigger targets, SRAAMs and M/LRAAMs.
In a real world scenario, that is probably the ideal loadout


I mean, they’re the same thing. If a plane cannot carry more than 6 Brimstones because it wasn’t integrated, then it is incapable of carrying more than 6. It’d be splitting hairs at this point. We’re going by Gaijin’s criteria, and because there’s lack of integration, it cannot carry more than 6. Whether or not more than 6 can be integrated is not the question (it’s possible from what I can tell).

I’m not sure why you brought up Harrier and Tornado since we were discussing the Eurofighter solely.

if we’re going by gaijin’s standards, it should get them because its technically capable of carrying them

The PGM 500 / 2000 got added based off a couple of photos of them being fitted to a Tornado on the ground. By that standard the 18 Brimstone loadout is probably valid.


Except no one has presented any proof it’s technically capable of carrying or utilizing more than 6.

I’ll have to get back to you on this, I need to clarify if PGMs were integrated onto Tornados, and if those photos/videos were after or before the integration.

It seems neither side of this Brimstone argument is getting anywhere tbh.

There doesnt seem to be any reason to believe the Eurofighter CAN’T carry 18x Brimstones, nor is there any proof that it has. Its unlikely we’ll ever really get proof beyond maybe a pilot account though, as carrying 18x Brimstones is kind of silly anyways if you aren’t playing a videogame like WT.

The points largely irrelevant anyways, the Eurofighter will still be able to carry 4x Meteor + 2x ASRAAM/IRIS-T + 6x Brimstone + 8x LGB’s, or varied other mixes. Enough to wipe a whole ground team solo and still be formidable in air.


So far I have presented one reason, being that MBDA’s 2015 article states 6 Brimstones quoting the UK MoD. Necessary to state that the quote is from UK MoD and not MBDA as FasterBoi pointed out.

You have a point with this, looking into it further, the Tornado did not integrate it. Only the F-16 and Mirage 2000 had it integrated. We need clarification on this, as otherwise every aircraft in-game that was equipped on the ground with some weapons, despite not being integrated, would qualify to have it.