Eurofighter Typhoon - Germany's Best Fighter Jet

yeah but just like the AMRAAM, i think it deserves its own, highly detailed thread. Its just very special, thats why.

Controversial opinion, it seems Eurofighter cannot take more than 6 Brimstones. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

u are saying that like 6 brimstones isnt enough

I simply wanted to dispel the rumors of 12 or 18 Brimstones and just clear the air on the matter.

of course it is possible, why shouldnt it be? the hard points are all wired the same, you can take brimstone rails on any hardpoint that can equip gbus

Why are you so sure? If you’re sure, then can you explain why there is no photos of Eurofighter carrying more than 6?

I’ll settle for a picture showing Brimstones on pylons other than what’s shown below

simple because it is overkill, that is why you normaly dont see it

brimstones directly on pylons wouldnt make sense, that would restrict the loadout

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Why are you completely confident in your assumption? According to MBDA, Eurofighter can only carry 6.

“A deal worth 200 million euros ($228 million) has been signed to equip Eurofighter Typhoon combat jets with the latest Brimstone 2 surface attack missiles. The integration is expected to be delivered into service by Britain’s Royal Air Force in late 2018, the MoD said, with each Typhoon able to carry six of the Brimstone missiles, which are designed to hit fast-moving targets and have already been used by Britain’s Tornado jets in Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq.”

generaly, you would be better up discussing that in the Uk typhoon thread, but that ones from 2015 as well, quite some times as well, and again they dont necesarily speak about technical capabilities and just standard mission armament

When a manufacturer talks about “able to carry” then it’s talking literally about the its ability to carry. It’s quite spelled out. I haven’t seen Gunjob or Flame claim that Eurofighter can carry more than 6.

well ask them

Won’t bother them for now, if they want to comment, they usually read this thread anyway.

You have to be realistic. Even if the Eurofighter is perfectly capable of carrying a brimstone triplet on every pylon, GJN are going to take every possible opportunity to gimp this plane, so they will restrict it to whatever is photographed. I agree it’s most likely you never see a Typhoon with more than six because it’s overkill, and countries don’t waste the time/resources integrating them onto every pylon. The manufacturers website says it’s a standard interface made for compatibility.


i am very well aware, in the first place it is more then enough, you can take meteors and iris t for defense and you have it great

Here is a DA Typhoon with 12x Brimstone


xD, thanks and 2 other rails arent that far of either then, with that we got prove for gajin as well then

Delivery ^^

Here’s the problem with that picture. This was before the Brimstone was integrated (2014). It shows non-functional Brimstones on the Eurofighter.

Later on, in 2015, it is established by MBDA that Eurofighters will carry up to 6 Brimstones in the article I posted above.

Is 18 good enough for you?


Should read through the rest of the thread.