Ersatz StuG III G - What Are You Supposed To Be?

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TL;DR: A StuG III G “disguised” as… something…



During the Battle of the Bulge, Otto Skorzeny and Panzer Brigade 150 were tasked with the capture at least two of the bridges over the Meuse River before the Allies could destroy them. As the mission was part of Operation Greif, Skorzeny was to use captured Allied uniforms and equipment, however, to effectively execute the operation, he needed more of such equipment. Skorzeny requested 12 tanks, 20 armored cars, 20 self-propelled guns, 100 Jeeps, 40 motorcycles, and 120 trucks. All of these needed to be of Allied origin. The equipment that arrived severely fell short of the requirements. Only two Shermans arrived, both of which were in severe disrepair, alongside 6 M3 halftracks, 4 M8 armored cars, 21 motorcycles, 28 Jeeps, and 9 trucks. Pulling out of the operation was not an option, so Skorzeny just had to make do with what he was given and fill in the gaps with German equipment. The brigade had five Panthers and five StuG III Gs on hand. The Panthers were modified and turned into the Ersatz M10s we all know and love. What many don’t know, however, is that the StuG III Gs were also modified. These modifications included the addition of sheet-metal side-skirts, removal of the roof machine gun, and the addition of sheet-metal over the engine deck. It is unknown what the new Ersatz StuG III G was meant to mimic and many still debate over the subject to this day. One of the popular theories is that it’s meant to look like an M7 Priest, however, I believe it’s more likely that the modifications were done to simply make it look like anything that wasn’t a StuG. As many know, Operation Greif never really went anywhere and and the brigade was commanded to fight normally. Two Ersatz StuG III Gs were found in Géromont, Belgium. Both were abandoned and one was booby-trapped.

Place In War Thunder:

The Ersatz StuG III G is quite possibly the rarest StuG modification out there and with the Ersatz M10 already in-game, I don’t see a reason to exclude its brother-in-arms. It’s also just a really cool piece of history and would allow more players to commit war-crimes. Playstyle would be pretty much identical to the StuG III G in-game, but who knows? Maybe you can get away with something in Simulator Battles. Like the Ersatz M10, the best implementation of this vehicle would be through some event or battlepass.


Armament: 7.5 cm StuK 40 L/48

Dimensions: 6.85m, 2.95m, 2.16m (L,W,H)

Weight: 23900kg

Armor: Same as StuG III G in-game with the exception of added sheet-metal and the “Pig’s Snout” mantlet.

Crew: 4 (driver, commander, gunner, loader)

Ammunition: Same as StuG III G in-game.

Speed: Same as StuG III G in-game.

Horsepower: 296hp


Side View (Abandoned in a field in Géromont , Belgium):


Booby-trapped Ersatz StuG III G:


Rear View (Notice the sheet-metal covering the engine deck):


Drawings of the Ersatz tanks:



Operation Greif - Wikipedia

Panzer Brigade 150 - Wikipedia

Stug III G SS Panzer Brigade 150 - Nevington War Museum

StuG III Ausf.G mit Saukopf


StuGs are fun and unique modifications are fun, so reason not to have it; It’d make a great event vehicle like the “M10”. +1

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The only think of the T28 which looks kind of similar from side view but that doesn’t make sense since it was never fielded afaik.

Anyway love it +1

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still wish they would put coupons for the ersatz m10 on marketplace, would love to add it to my collection

That is the same thing I thought! Looks like mini T28 from the side. Nonetheless +1


Just given a star and olive paint to maybe delay a shot for a few seconds - not really “disguised as” anything at all.

The Ersatz StuG would be fun, it would be great to see. I’ve never understood what they were trying to disguise it as, it most certainly doesn’t look anything like an M7 Priest. I regret not getting the Ersatz M10, the Ersatz StuG would also fit in as an event vehicle (a low tier one though) I think.

A captured Stug under supposed ‘allied control’ (the allies won’t attack it since they assume it to be a ‘friendly’ vehicle)

Looks like it would be a really nice midtier reward for an event or BP or even as a minor premium, +1 to adding it to the game since it’s unique in what it was trying to be while also not breaking the mold of what the vehicle does at its BR (which I would assume would be around 4.0).

Maybe Gaijin also could add a late production version of stug III G. It could be placed(folded) just after the early version stug in the game. with a better mantle and additional MG34.

Clearly time travel was involved.

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Should be like an event module unlock or again just a module, not a vehicle.

No, it should be a seperate vehicle just like the Ersatz Panther Ausf G

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