Error with the client or cheater?

In my attempt to improve at the game, I sometimes watch my replays to learn from it. Most of the time, I get kill due to my lack of situational awareness. However, there is one replay that I can’t quite understand. Perhaps someone could provide more info.

Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On (around 4:50 minute mark)

In this match, the replay says the opponent have AIM-9H (rear aspect) but when I got killed, it is due to an AIM-9F. Is that a glitch in the replay system or is it something more suspicious?

Last question, how was the player able to track and maintain the lock on me when I’m so far to the left? I thought he would lose the lock since it appears to be outside of 100 degrees of his radar. I tried to something similar in test flights but I can’t seem to replicate the results.

Read it again. A sparrow is not an Aim 9H

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I noticed that but if you look at the pictures of the replay (top left corner), it says he wasn’t carrying sparrows, he was carrying AIM 9H. Thus, the weird conflicting information with the replay saying he was carrying AIM 9H but I got killed by AIM 7F.

He has five missiles in that picture. The Phantom can only carry 4 IR. Hence, he has a sparrow still. In the kill log you were killed by an Aim 7F, which is a sparrow.

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OHHHHH that makes more sense now, thankyou.

Sometimes in the replay is a weapon bug. Once I was killed by A6E with AIM9L. But in the replay he carried 4 gunpods.