Enhancing Your Flight Simulator Experience: A Journey from Arcade to SIM

I’ve primarily engaged in arcade-style air battles, occasionally dabbling in realistic ones, with a focus on modern fighter jets.

I almost never played in SIM mode because it was quite frustrating due to its slow pace compared to the rapid dynamics of arcade versions.

I’ve acquired a joystick and TrackIR, and now I’m thoroughly enjoying SIM mode.

It’s hard. Very, very hard. But I’m grinding my way to the top ;)

It might sound trivial, but pay attention to your FPS and the smoothness of the image—it’s not just about the FPS. Try lowering your graphics settings to the minimum; that’s the level of smoothness I’m referring to.

You should really feel the flight—of course, I’m talking about simulators, so cockpit view only.

Happy flying to everyone! ;)