Enemy teams randomly appearing either 1km higher or 1km lower than us

i’ve lately gotten to play the spitfire lf mk9 and found an f4u 4b 1km above me; also then picked the f4u 4b and i’ve stumbled upon planes that definitely not outclimb it nor have airspawn at around 1 and 1.5km above me (which am often one of the few highest members of my team). They’re so high that my teammates (nor I) have ever time and gap to run away or shallow dive. We get caught up by zeroes doing split S. I can’t send the replays because i’ve been killed before even the matches end (for the reasons I mentioned)

I always side climb and I still get caught up, be it in the corsair, the spitfire or whatever prop I’m flying; it looks like it’s some matter of luck whether I’m on the higher airfield or on the lower airfield.

So what are you saying

didn’t you read?

well yeah but what are you trying to say about it

So one team climbs better than the other what is the issue

So what you are saying is the snail magically makes one team climb better?

There are so many parameters having effect on climbing:

Fuel load
climb angle and speed